Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 in Review

It seems to be that time of the year again.... time to look back on an eventful year and set goals for the next...

Luckily, so that I could hold myself accountable, I blogged about my hopes and dreams for 2010.... lets review...

1.Learn to live stress free with a baby. I want to be able to do it all and not feel overwhelmed... I want to get into a comfortable routine as a working mom, so that I am not tired, stressed, or scatter-brained! I know it will be hard, and it will take a while, but hopefully by the end of the year, things will atleast start to get easier.  I am 11 months into the working mom gig, and I feel like I finally have it undercontrol... sort of... it is OK if the house is a wreck... it can be picked up quickly, and can returned to the orginal state of messiness in a blink of an eye... I have learned to sleep less... coffee is my friend, and so are frozen foods... We eat dinner as a family EVERY NIGHTand that is what matters more than a freshly cooked meal right now...  Hopefully 2011 gets even easier... I did discover the secret to balanancing work and mommyhood... its called working from home!

2.Begin working as an actuary. I HOPE this one will get crossed off quickly, and I get my new position when I return to work next month (oh, so sad... next month! :( )  It took 11 months, but I am FINALLY working as an actuary!!!  And I love it more than I could have ever imagined! I enjoy going to work... I enjoy the work... I look forward to my future career and the things will bring.  I really believe that things are supposed to happen for a reason... it might have taken a little while, but this is the job I am supposed to have.

3.Pass 2 exams... whether is MFE that I have to take again, and MLC...or MLC and exam 4 (I cant remember what exam 4 is!) Well.... I am very sad to say that I I did not fulfill this goal... I failed in May... and I am still waiting to hear back from my exam in Nov.   Lets just say 2011 will be THE year!!

4.Take my lunch to work more often... and make Brian as well. I started off great.... slacked... slacked even more.... but have picked it back up! My mom bought me a new lunch box for christmas... I currently want to use it!! I think that is the key.

5.Start saving more money for my next car... this will be difficult with all the next expenses of a baby... but hopefully my #2 will help this!.. and #4. ha  Saving has occured... not as much as we hoped.... but we are foregoing the car idea and shooting for a new house! We are just dreaming bigger!

6.Lose the rest of my baby weight! 18 lbs.. blah! .... preferably by Jan 25th, so that I fit into all of my work clothes and dont have to buy new ones!  Lost as of March.... I havent weighted myself since about May... I think I am about the same size, but maybe about 5 lbs more at the moment... since my grandma passed, I can tell I have been eating my feelings a bit....
7.Take more weekend trips... especially to KC to visit my brother and Sarah... and the new WATERPARK!!! I cant wait!!! Uhhh we took ONE... but it was to KC to visit my brother, and we did go to the new waterpark... that counts.

8.Monthly dates for Brian and I so that we can make sure our marriage can stay happy and healthy after a baby.... plus it gives grandparents a chance to babysit!  Monthly dates have not exactly been a success... hopefully that will change as we just received 55.00 in movie giftcards! Wait... that is only like 3 movie dates though huh? ... as for our marraige, it has been a definite growing year.   Having a baby changes things alot... we have had to learned to compromise more, listen, and just ask for help.  Overall I feel even more secure in my marriage as I have realized that Brian and I really are a team, a partner in life, best friends, and have that unconditional love that marriage needs.

Overall, I think it has been a really great year.  

Stay tuned for my hopes and dreams for 2011!  I think it will be a BIG year in the Gilmore household!


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