Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Lesson Learned

Last night Leah somehow got a hold of Brian's keys and would hold them up to the doorknobs as if she was trying to unlock the door.   Brian and I both watched her and commented on how smart she was… not even thinking how we needed to pay attention to where she put the keys when she was done playing. 
This morning I left for work around 6:30 (gag!) and left Brian to get Leah up and out the door around 7.  As a way to help Brian out, I put Leah's school bag in his car on my way out.   With the left over snow on the roads, I did not arrive to work until 7:30.  When I got up to my desk I looked at my phone (because I was a good girl and did not mess with my phone in the car!) and I had an email from Brian…
"Kim, you have my keys! And my phone is dead!"  Ironically he attempted to plug in his phone this morning but I had packed it up to take to work with me.  I told him he could charge his in the car, and then at work on his charger… oops.
I quickly checked my purse.  I have been known to have his wallet in my purse and forget to give it back to him… but no keys.   I wrote him back…
"You have them there… Leah was playing with them last night. They are somewhere."
He quickly wrote back:
"No I have checked everywhere!   Call my parents and see if my dad will come give us a ride!"
Now I know Brian is the worst looker/seeker ever… Just yesterday he searched the house looking for screw drivers, cursing up a storm… I finally gave in and tried to help him and I find them in 2.8 seconds in a drawer… "Oh! I even put them in there!" he said as I pulled them out.   As for the keys, after calling his parents, I emailed him back with my first logical guess as to where the missing keys were….
"Did you check Leah's school bag that I put in the car?  She kept putting my bracelets in there last night" … her bag usually hangs on the doorknob to the garage door… where Leah happened to be pretending "to unlock the door" as well.  And yes, she was also putting my jewelry in this bag last night… this child likes to hide things! I am not sure if I ever mentioned how she would hide her Halloween candy in the couch cushions. 
About an hour later I received a phone call from Brian…. Keys exactly where I suggested… in her bag, in the car…
He also mentioned how the house is now a wreck because he tore the house apart looking for his keys! I can imagine the mess he has made!
Today's lesson… watch Leah better… that girl is sneaky and can cause some trouble!!

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