Thursday, December 16, 2010

WAH = Working At Home

Last night St. Louis received a nice sheet of ice. As a result I got the chance to try out one of the perks of my new job… working from home!!!

As great as it was not getting in an accident when attempting the 30+ mile drive to the office, I am not 100% for working from home. (I know, I maybe crazy for saying that and may get slapped!)

The Cons:

· Since I am using my house computer and connecting to my work computer… it’s slow…. And I have issues with waiting…

· The usefulness of a variety of office supplies is not available…

· Time seems to crawl by!

· My household is tempting me… I want to vacuum, mop, clean bathrooms, lay in bed! Hello? When have I gotten this much alone time recently? I must remember WORK!

· There is no one to talk to…. No one for me to say “Hey! I just had this really random thought, wanna hear?!” I miss people!

· I think I almost did more today than most days… I am tired!

The Pros:

· No 30+ mile drive!!

· I am still in my PJs, even wore a robe for part of the day because I was chilly.

· I think I finally found the key to being a working mom with a clean house…. Work from home!! I did some laundry while waiting for Excel to calculate and I picked up Leah’s room while waiting for a conference call.
· I am being paid to sit at my kitchen table!

` I worked with a kitty cuddled in my lap.

I am not eager to stay home again tomorrow.... maybe someday.... but I think I will prefer heading to the office, for now atleast.


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