Thursday, December 9, 2010

Miss Temper Tantrum Queen!

Leah has seriously been testing our patience lately!   She has become an amazing temper-tantrum thrower!   I think Brian and I are in for a rough next few years! She seriously just wants things her way!!... add in the fact that her molars are still working their way out (2 have popped thru, 2 more to go) and one less nap at daycare, she is CRAAAAAAA-BEEEEEE!

A funny story though....

Brian has a change jar in our bedroom for all  his loose change... Leah has discovered it and LOVES to play with the coins and drop them in the jar.   Last night I left Brian, Leah, and the jar to go make dinner.   The next thing I know they are in the family room and Brian tells me:

"Leah tried to drink the coin jar.... so I paniced and dumped the jar in her face."

I laughed my butt off when he said that... and multiple times today I thought about it, and laughed some more!   Ba-hahaha!   Sometimes Brian says the funniest things! And can you just picture the look on Leah's face when coins came flying out of the jar at her!? haha!


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