Wednesday, December 22, 2010


When my neighbor Stacey told me she was starting to sell Uppercase Living I was so excited to start ordering stuff!

I have always loved the look of words and lettering on walls... I just never bought anything... add in the fact that it is completely temporary and can easily peel off without hurting the walls, or poking any wholes, Brian was interested too!  Plus it is all priced really reasonably!!!

Because I have absolutely zero patience, I receied myself tonight and already put it all up and now I have to share!!

I had this blank tray that I really never  used... I always loved pretty trays on coffee tables.....

So I added a little something! .... Now I just need a coffee table! ... really I have a coffee table, but its in the basement and I never go down there... my husband is kind of a coffee table hater! ugg...
This one is a little hard to see since its light blue.... but it says "Life is Beautiful" ... I love it!

Now I just want to add stuff all over the house!!   You can buy some stuff from Stacey (because shes awesome!) by contacting her thru her website!  


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