Tuesday, December 21, 2010

WAH part 2

I decided to give the working from home gig another try... much earlier than I planned... but it definitely had a different outcome.

Sunday I knew a cold was coming on... as the day progressed I started feeling worse and worse... I was asleep by 815, but that only teased my body, because I was up most of the night... unable to breath, my throat itched, I couldnt get comfortable, my face hurt... I think I might have gotten about 4 hours of sleep.

When it was no surprise that I woke up and still felt like crap, I made the executive decision to work from home! (Have a told you I love my job?)

I worked... hard.... in my PJs, with hot tea, and tissues by my side, and a kitty in my lap... not worrying about annoying anyone when I need to clear my throat every other minute, or blow my nose like a fog horn.

It was lovely, besides the feeling crappy thing... I didnt have any of the issues I faced when I previously worked from home... I guess it was the complete exhaustion and not wanting to do a whole lot of anything.  I did not clean a single thing.  I stayed on track. I did alot of work... and by 330, I threw in the towel and went and laid in bed.

I can get used to this working from home thing!


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