Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My amazing brother wrote on his blog http://s-koz.blogspot.com/ (I dont know how to do the cool linking!) about resolutions and what he wants to accomplish in 2010.

It made me think some about what I am hoping for in 2010.... I have alot the more I think about it!

Here is my list... lets see if I can check them all off as the year goes on...

  1. Learn to live stress free with a baby. I want to be able to do it all and not feel overwhelmed... I want to get into a comfortable routine as a working mom, so that I am not tired, stressed, or scatter-brained! I know it will be hard, and it will take a while, but hopefully by the end of the year, things will atleast start to get easier.
  2. Begin working as an actuary. I HOPE this one will get crossed off quickly, and I get my new position when I return to work next month (oh, so sad... next month! :( )
  3. Pass 2 exams... whether is MFE that I have to take again, and MLC...or MLC and exam 4 (I cant remember what exam 4 is!)
  4. Take my lunch to work more often... and make Brian as well.
  5. Start saving more money for my next car... this will be difficult with all the next expenses of a baby... but hopefully my #2 will help this!.. and #4. ha
  6. Lose the rest of my baby weight! 18 lbs.. blah! .... preferably by Jan 25th, so that I fit into all of my work clothes and dont have to buy new ones!
  7. Take more weekend trips... especially to KC to visit my brother and Sarah... and the new WATERPARK!!! I cant wait!!!
  8. Monthly dates for Brian and I so that we can make sure our marriage can stay happy and healthy after a baby.... plus it gives grandparents a chance to babysit!

And I cant think of any more... but I think thats a good start!

By the way.. HOLY COW its 2010!!! I think the last 10 years have been the most life changing! I dont think and decade will include as many extreme life changes as these last 10 has. Life changing things that happened in the last 10 years:

  1. Began driving
  2. Graduated high school
  3. Went away to college
  4. Met my future husband
  5. Turned 21
  6. Graduated from college
  7. Got my first real job
  8. Got engaged
  9. Got married
  10. Got pregnant
  11. Became a mother

What will the next 10 hold? New job, more kids, moving to Fenton :)....

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