Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life on Maternity Leave

Life is definitely different.

My days are pretty much spent sitting on the living room floor, tending to Leah's every need. I often do not get to brush my teeth or go to the bathroom until I can get her to nap for a bit, and showering only occurs at night when Brian is home. Its weird how taking care of myself just goes down the drain. In the past 2 weeks (happy 2 week bday to Leah by the way) I have lived in PJs and sweats, worn glasses everyday and maybe blown dried my hair 3 times. ha. I do look forward to getting dressed up and putting on make up... I just dont have the need when all I do is sit at home! I havent left the house in 6 days! I also look forward to my doctors appointment when I am Okayed to exercise and just be normal again!! I have about 20 lbs to lose... and I look forward to being able to go for walks, and even do an ab exercise! ha!

In Leah news... I am beginning to amaze myself at my ability to take care of her. While at the hospital I remember calling the nurse in once and saying "She's really fussy and I just dont know why! Please come help!" Now I am easily able to calm her when she gets in these fussy moods and can usually figure out quickly what she wants. For anyone who watches her in the future, she likes to eat every 3 hrs on the dot! She has a perfect internal clock that will wake her up and say "Its time to eat!" I can tell by her cry (and the time) when she just needs a diaper and she just wants to snuggle. I think she is happiest sleeping on her belly on my chest or just held super close and tight... but sometimes refuses to be put down. I am ok with it.. I want to hold her as much as possible while I am home and she lets me. When she does sleep I frantically try to get as much done around the house as possible! My goal today is to sleep when she sleeps! My 5-6 nonconsecutive hrs of sleep a night will not continue to be enough. I know I will soon become too exhausted and run out of steam. But look at me... Leah is currently sleeping and here I am! Oops!

An interesting baby book that I have been reading is The Happiest Baby on the Block, It talks all about the "fourth trimester" and how babies just want to be held tight and that its kind of impossible to spoil a baby under 3 months. It talks alot about other cultures who's babies never cry and the reason they think is behind it as well as colicy babies. (Please cross your fingers that Leah does not become colicy!)

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