Sunday, December 6, 2009

3:45 am

Here I am....

Leah wouldnt fall back to sleep after her 3 am snack (she pretended to sleep, until I sit her in her crib and her eyes pop open) so I am out in the family room with her in the swing trying to get her back to sleep.

Rather than sit her and try to sleep on the couch, I am writing... hopefully by the time Im done, she will be fast asleep and then I can get back into bed!

Bath update.... as soon as I put her in the tub, she cried, then peed, then relaxed. Besides the whole peeing in the tub, and having to drain the water and refill it with her in the tub, I think the bath went great. Tomorrow is bath number 2. By the way, I did not take an first bath pictures because I cant forget the story of the parents who tried to print off bath pictures of their little girls, and the picture person called the police on them and the parents had their kids taken away from them thinking the pictures were inappropriate. We will not let that happen here... from what I hear, Walmart picture people are crazy! (ask my mom)

I also want to keep track of my "paranoid parent" phone calls to the doctor. I made my first one the other day. Leah woke up and was fine, then 2 hrs I go to change her diaper and her belly button is bleeding!!!! I kind of freaked out and of course called. Turns out its normal... The part that sticks out may have falled off, but the base, deep down, is still healing. They never tell you about this though in any of the instructions that we were given about cord care.

Yesterday (Saturday) we also had our first public outing. We really needed to go to the grocery store and I did not want to 1. write a long list of everything we need for Brian to get (he rarely gets is all usually) 2. go by myself and leave Leah, so I asked if the 3 of us could head to Sams. It was wonderful to get out after 9 days in the house. I felt giddy as I drove our car out of the subdivision. Leah loved the car ride, and was a little unsure of the whole cart ride. She did not cry at all the whole trip, but she would not really let herself sleep either while in the store. Now on to me taking her out by myself this week... I think we will attempt to go to Target as I have a list of things to get!

Alright, its 5 to four, I think Leah might be asleep and I am ready to get back to bed as well since Leah will most likely be up in another 2 hrs for more food....

Good Night!

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