Monday, December 7, 2009

Guess who got some sleep

Me AND Leah!

After 2 rough nights, Leah definitely made up for them last night!

After her 8 pm feeding, she was asleep by 830.

Around 915, I headed to sleep.

At 1:51 I woke up, checked the clock and said "Ah, Leah hasnt been up yet!" She should have been up around 11 to eat... I went in her room to check on her and she was sound asleep, still perfectly swaddled!

At 2:45 I guess Leah finally decided she was hungry because she woke up. She quickly drank her 3 oz., I swaddled her back up tightly, and we were both back to sleep by 3:15.

At 6:15, we were both up for the day!

This was the most sleep I have gotten in weeks!! I feel like a new mommy!

I know its too soon to hope for multiple nights like this, but I will take them when I get them!

I also blame the succcess of the night on the power of the swaddle and this in particular! Summer Infant Swaddle Square - Blue Dot (Large) - Summer Infant - Babies "R" Us I think it is my favorite/most used item with Leah. It is the only blanket that I can get a tight swaddle on her that stays thru-out the night and she cannot breakout of! When she is not swaddled, she flings her arms around so much in her sleep that she usually scares herself awake and sometimes even knocks herself in the head! I will be suggesting it to all! I plan to get a few more because when this one gets dirty (Leah pees thru her diaper like the other night) we have nights of much less sleep! I just need to make it to BRU! Oh how my "to do" list continues to grow!

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