Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1 month check up

Leahs is doing GREAT and is a healthy big girl!

Here are the stats:

10 lb 10 oz - 85th percentile

23 inches long - over 95th percentile

Head measurement... I cant remember the #, but its 50th percentile.... No Kozlen head here...

She showed the doctor all of her tricks too... holding up her head and standing on her feet when held... the doctor agreed... shes amazing! Ok... maybe she just said "Thats great!"

I am changing her formula though to a more sensitive one... she definitely has a problem with burping and hopefully this helps... its nothing major... no massive reflux problems where she spits up (she actually only spits up maybe once a week and usually on me) but want to make feeding a little easier on her... Right now she just drinks and drinks and drinks and gets HUGE burps built up that she gets really fussy until they come out... which takes a while! So she has had a few feedings with the new stuff... I havent noticed too big of a difference, but we will be patient...

She goes back jan 19th for her 2 month check up... and shots!!! eeks!

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