Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's Review

Yep, its that time of the year...

I cannot even remember what I intended to do this year... but lets go back to THIS post... and cut and paste below...

Career Goals:
·         Get established and comfortable in my new job. I hate feeling so unsure that I am doing things correctly, and needing to rely on others so much. I look forward to working efficiently and knowing that I am doing things correctly!  I think I can check this one off! I actually have moments where I know what I am doing! I even have had meetings with people in other company's and told them they were wrong and I was right! ha! Gotta love that! 
·         Find the perfect work/life balance… hopefully start working from home 2 days a week.  Definitely got this one down too. I usually work from home 2 days a week and it makes a HUGE difference in this momma's life.   I dont always feel like my weekends are filled with cleaning and laundry.  I can actually enjoy my free time with my family. 
·         Pass 1 exam and receive credit for VEE – Finance.  This is totally attainable.  I am not setting myself up for failure.   I do however hope it means passing MLC because I will have MFE already behind me… but either is acceptable.   I passed MFE AND received credit for VEE - Finance!! I find out in 1 week if I passed MLC... there is a slight chance I even passed it! Keep your fingers crossed... but if not, I am totally checking it off the list in May!   

Family Goals:
·         Put our house on the market and hope it sells sometime in 2011.  We are OK if it takes a while… more time to save… but we are ready to begin the move to Rockwood School District! (I won't say Fenton… in case we end up in Wildwood or something… and I am OK with that too.) Ha! This was the drama of 2011.   House went on the market in Feb.  We received an offer May 31st.   Mid July they began construction on our new house. The end of July it fell thru because they couldn't get a loan. (stupid economy).  We considered renting.   Beginning of September my parents offer to buy it from us.  End of September its theirs and we pay my parents rent for 6 weeks.  End of October we moved into the Rockwood School District, although not Fenton, we are 100% happy!  My parents are now renting out our old house and happy as well.  Funny how things work out in the end!
·         Grow even more as a family and enjoy every second as a family of 3! Get more active; enjoy all the FREE and amazing activities St. Louis has to offer, like the Zoo, Science Center, Magic House, Grants Farm, Bike trails, baseball games… Leah will be older and ready to have some fun!!  Well we definitely enjoyed our life as a family this year.   Life with a toddler if definitely alot more fun than life with an infant.   We did hit up the zoo, grants farm, the bike trails (though not enough) Leah's first Cardinals game, and the pool alot.... we hope to make it to the Magic House here in the next few weeks... and now that we live across the highway from a major amusement park (seriously, we can see roller coasters and such from our house) we plan on getting season passes and going for a few hours a week once it opens! 
·         Baby # 2! … and that is all I am going to say about that…. Ideally (you know we have this planned out) baby #2 will not be born until 2012 though… Check, Baby 2 will be here in about 22 weeks! OMG!  Things went almost exactly as planned... Leah and baby will be about 2 years, 6 months, and 2 weeks apart. ha! I told you we are planners. 

·         Find a real hobby.  Maybe photography if I ever get my fancy camera. Or learn to sew? Just become more crafty in general… Yep, didnt happen.... instead I spent the past few months without a camera in general. I just got a new point n shoot for christmas (thanks in-laws) but I think I have gotten out of the habit of taking pictures all the time.   Oh and my brother was just gifted an amazing camera out of the blue from his in-laws this Christmas... yes, I am a little jealous... I dont feel horribly bad for not finding a hobbie... I still consider studying a hobby of mine and I had a pretty successful year in my exams.... 
·         Find time to do new hobby. ... I've learned to manage my time better when it comes to studying.... 
·         Not get so stressed out… easier said than done….I think I have done better this year!  When I took my last exam in Nov, I did not freak out nearly as badly as I have in the past!  

Overall I think 2011 in meeting my goals was pretty successful. There were a few bumps in the road... the house drama, losing my Aunt and learning to live without her and my Grandma in my life... 2011 has been pretty good.   

And I know 2012 will be amazing! Looking forward to it...


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