Monday, December 31, 2012

Goal Met!!!

First off...

Look at my pretty new Fila shirt/sweatshirt from Marshalls for 16.99!

Nice and fleecie and bright!

It kept me mighty warm today in these conditions... 

I got out there and finished off my 100 miles in December!!!! 

100.23 to be exact. 

The face of a girl that just met her goal!!! 

And at a 9:08 pace! 


(since I dropped so much time on my pace... Can I please re-race my brother!?!)

& yes, my hat does have lights in it.

My brother won it at the Turkey Trot, from the running store that was hosting and gave it to me because his head is seriously too big for hats!

And then I was dying and had to rip off my top layer of clothing... 

I love ending on this high. 

I feel like I can accomplish anything right now! 

Stay tuned for my 2013 goals coming on the next post to see what I am wanting to accomplish in 2013! 

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