Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas: Santa's gifts!

Miss Emie was up at 5:45... 

Photo shoot while we waited for Big Sis to wake up... 

She's up! 

All the new toys and she still loves the remotes... 

She is just too stinking cute... 

Heading out to see the big gift in the garage... "ITS A RACECAR!!!!!"

Remind Leah that its a gift for both her and Em once she gets a little older... 

Test drive at 8am in 20 degree weather. & PJs.. 

spoiled girl playing with her LeapPad2. 


  1. Looks like an amazing Christmas! We were up with Gwen waiting for Graham to wake up too. :)

  2. Love these pics and I know I have said it before but her hair is AMAZING!!!!!!

  3. What a great recap - love the race car. LOL.. Thanks again for meeting me today. I can't thank you enough. YAY!



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