Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Goals

I am going to be a little more specific this year.

This may turn around and bite me in the butt...

Or will work great!

Personal Goals:

  • KEEP RUNNING! Keep doing a race per month. Maybe do a few more 100 miles per month challenges... just keep going! 
  • Run my half marathon in under 2 hrs 10 minutes.  I think I can pretty easily accomplish this... I really want to get under 2 hours but that will require some work.  I have 14 weeks to work on it! Either way, I want to finish strong and proud! ... and encouraged to do it all again! 
  • Visit Seattle! ... Even if I have to go alone... I will get there! 
  • Improve my photography in some shape or form... even if its learning 1 new little trick... Just learn something new. 
Work Goals: 
  • Give a presentation.  This was one of my goals for 2012 for my review, but as its 12/31... it did not happen. Not necessarily my fault, it just got away from me and my boss... My boss believes presentation experience is the one quality that will quickly get you promoted at our company... It will happen in 2013. 
  • Finish Modules completely.  I want to see a big fat PASS next to my Interim Assessment and Final Assessment. 
  • Take C in October and score atleast a 4.  Yes.. that is not passing... I need a 6 to pass... but C is a beast that I am a bit intimidated by! I plan to start studying SOON, and will need those extra 6 months to get an acceptable grade... Yes, I want to pass in Oct, but I honestly will be happy with a 4. 
House Goals:
  • Backsplash in the kitchen! 
  • Backsplash tiling in the master bath. 
  • Some sort of shelving in the Laundry room. 
  • New landscaping in the front yard. 
  • Paint atleast 2 more rooms.
Leah Goals: 
  • Get that girl 100% accident free!  We have had more success with going poop on the potty... she will do it when she is not at home... but when she is at home, its like she believes its all OK to go in your pants.  Frustrating!  We will fix this.  Because seriously, next year at this time she will be 4, and I will DIE if this is still going on! 
  • Get the girl to go to bed alone at night... an easier night time routine in general would be nice! 
  • Involved in activities outside of daycare. 
  • Still a happy, healthy, outgoing, crazy little girl. 
Emily Goals: 
  • Also grow to become a happy & healthy little girl. 
Brian Goals:
  • Celebrate our 5 year anniversary in a fun way!  (seattle!?) 
  • More date nights and nights without the kiddos.  Stop feeling so bad to leave the kids over night and know we all need it... grandparents included! 
  • Build an even stronger relationship. 
  • Keep me on his budget, even with all my house to-dos, trip to seattle, need for clothes that fit (I will be needing an entirely new wardrobe this summer!) so I can keep a happy husband! 
I can do this all right!?

Bring it 2013! 


  1. I Was expecting to see a marathon goal!!

    I think the presentation one is right on. At my company communication skills is probably the #1 way you get promoted. Right now I am working in marketing for that reason... More communication/presenting/ PowerPoint building is required.

  2. I really like Seattle too! You should definetly visit on a 5 year anniversary trip without the kids. Our 10 year is in march, we are going to the us Virgin Islands without ours. Excited is an understatement.



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