Friday, January 25, 2013

I have a problem...

Whenever my husband goes out of town I decorate the house.

Its like a horrible, bad, addictive, habit.

I am not sure what comes over me.

He leaves me and I am all..

"I must hang something on the walls!"


He is not surprised when he comes home to something new up.

He usually complains when I hang anything so maybe I do it while hes gone as a way of not having to hear him complain for a few days?

Im not really sure...

Either way...

He has been gone all week and I have been busy!

New chalkboard for the mudroom!  I freaking LOVE it! 

Oh and it was FREE!   I used chalkboard paint that I have had for probably 2 years sitting around on top of an old picture and frame that was just sitting in the basement... I was worried about the paint on top of the slick "glass" but a few coats and its good to go! 

Ok, I had Monday off and finally went SHOPPING all alone. It was fabulous!  I hit up ROSS, which might be my new go to place for little house items!  Seriously.... I got this for $4.99!   Our laundry room has absolutely nothing in it right now besides laundry and the washing machines, but this little diddy makes it a happier place. .... and explains why there is laundry sitting around! 

Monday I also won big with finding this table/cabinet thingy at Goodwill for $25!!!!  The handles were originally gold but I quickly spray painted them silver and bam!  LOVING it! 

 I originally contemplated painting it a light blue... but changed my mind for a dark blue... just not sure when I will get around to doing it.  Untill then, loving the current state too! 

The Love sign is new too... also a ROSS find for $4.99! Needed a little V-day decor.

And I had to get this one too... its sitting in the window sill in the family room now.  $5.99... not sure why it was an extra dollar... but whatever. 

These are pateeks (I have NO idea how to spell that word) that my mom did.  She does them with her class (she's an art teacher) as examples and gave them to me.  I have had them for months but just have never hung them up... 

They are in Leah's room... hung up with the scotch tap thingys so no holes in the walls. Brian will be happy there... Leah loves them but wants them over her bed... mostly she so can touch them.  I know better than that! 

Last by not least... more picture frames!  These frames were $4.99 a piece at ROSS.  

They fit 5x7s with the mats.  I love the look of mats.   Now I just need to print off some more pictures.... 

So total house projects... $61.00

Brian wont complain when he comes home tonight right!?! 


  1. super cute decor!!! I wish we had this ROSS place you speak off!! Sounds like a STEAL!

  2. Love the chalk board and laundry room sign!
    Oh heck, it's all great!! :)

  3. Love the the sign with your name and your placement - looks like my entryway into our basement

  4. Love that chalkboard and the new table. That mirror is gorg too!!



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