Monday, January 21, 2013

Body After Baby: Half Marathon Training Week 1

Before we get to the running...

The other day I was in my purple tank top and blank pants...

And down another 12-13 lbs from the last time I compared so I thought it would be fun to compare some more...

1 to 2 = 27 lb difference. 2 to 3 = 12ish lb difference


Thats 40 lbs! 

I think I am starting to look buffer! 

Well that was fun.... 


This week marked Official Week 1 of half marathon training. 

Day 1 - 4 miles

It was on the treadmill at work...

It was boring... 

But kept a 9 minute pace. 

Day 2 - 4 miles

Again, treadmill at work...

(OMG I went to the office 2 days in a row!)

I just wanted to get it over with so I actually ended the run at a 7:30 pace!

It kind of felt awesome!

And then I went to boot camp class immediately following it...

And I was spent.

Day 3 -  5 miles

Finally got back outside and had a great, relaxing run. 

Day 4 -  Rest

And I did.. 

But I still went to boot camp. 

Day 5 - 3 miles

I really tried to keep it at a nice and easy pace but with it only being 3 miles I booked it back home. 

Day 6 - 6 miles

I dropped the girls off at my in laws house and ran around their area. 

It was beautiful out! 

I ran thru the shopping center and then thru some super nice neighborhoods... 

A bit hilly, but I need that. 

I had a pain in my side most of the run but kept a pretty good pace. 

Day 7 - 4 miles

Yeah... that doesn't say 4 miles. 

The night before my running group had a night out. 

Momma was out on the town for the first time in FOREVER. 

I woke up a little hung over and wasnt even sure if I would run at all. 

But Brian was about to head out of town. 

I was in a pretty crappy mood because I was tired and Brian was leaving so I needed to go run to clear my head before he left. 

I immediately had a horrible side cramp. 

Maybe it was because all I had eaten before was coffee, oatmeal, cadburry creme egg, and marshmallows. 

I had to end it early... 

Yes, I was bummed... 

But the plan says to adjust as needed... 

And Sunday it was needed! 

Im nervous about the training plan I choose and beginning to feel like it might be too much.

I really like the schedule of the long runs, but the weekly runs are ALOT.

I currently cannot decide if I want to find a new plan all together  or just scale back some of the weekly runs.

I just ran 24.6 miles in week 1...

I do not want to get burnt out.


  1. WTG GIRL.... I can't wait for our race this weekend. So excited.




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