Monday, January 14, 2013

Body After Baby

The past few weeks I have not put any weight updates on this weekly post.

Thru-out the holidays I stayed pretty steady within a 3 lb weight range all month.

I guess this first full week back to a normal routine...

No holidays...

No more left overs...

All made the scale move again.

Saturday morning I saw a number on the scale over 3 lbs less that my lowest over the holidays.

Its a number I honestly never imagined I would see!

It is the reason I was curious to try on those size 8 jeans Saturday.

I have to say, its all a pleasant surprise.


Today marks the beginning of my 12 week half marathon training as well.

My first 4 mile run is in the books.

I am really going to try to ignore my times and focus more on just getting the distance in.

I know what I am capable of.

The time & speed will come on their own.


  1. I ran a 5k on Saturday with a time of 34:25, which is super fast for me. I've never thought about a half but if I keep getting faster, maybe I'll try to train for one. Esther Norine Designs

  2. So proud of you Kim!!! You always bring pride to our name! :-)



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