Monday, August 1, 2011

I want off!

Going with the “moving is an emotional rollercoaster”, we are currently stuck midway heading down a big steep hill.


Let me explain….


Yesterday morning we were just riding along…. The house is back on the market, we only had 1 showing all week, we were becoming more and more OK with the fact that we would be staying in the house.   Brian even made the comment that we could each have $1500 for Christmas to do whatever we wanted to do to the house.  Brian of course was only thinking about a new projector, but my mind was beginning to think of all the marvelous ways I could spend $1500!   Knocking down the half wall, new light fixture in the kitchen, new curtains, lots of fun new décor, … I was SO excited!  I was all over Pinterest looking for ideas!


We had an open house scheduled for 2-4.  We did the usual cleaning, then left, heading over to my parents to get a few items, like my crockpot and spices so I could make some fun new recipes I found on that awesome site, Pinterest.     We left my parents house at 2:45 and Brian received a phone call from our agent.  


Agent:  “A couple just came thru that loved the house.   As they were leaving they told me they were going to head to their agents office and write a contract tonight!” 


All of a sudden Brian and I found ourselves flying down the hill of excitement as images of moving to Eureka crept back into our heads.    The house has only been on the market for a week! Could we really get an offer so soon!?


At 4 oclock we returned home to chat with our realtor.   The showing went great. 5 couples came by and everyone had great comments on the house.    That is the best open house we have ever had.   


As I was trying to wrangle Leah and get her back into the house and out of the heat, a car pulled up.   The women in the front asked:


“This couple really wanted to come and see the house again.   We tried to call Marsha (our realtor) but we couldn’t get an answer.   Would it be OK if we came in now to see it? You don’t need to leave.”


It was the couple we heard about!! … and so we let them in.  


They are a couple relocating from Chicago for the wife’s job.    Relocating! – That means they need to move quickly!    They have a young teenage boy, who we are sure loves the basement and projector, and the wife is pregnant.   She loves that we already have a baby room!   We got this in the bag right!?




They left after about 20 minutes…. And we realized that we think we also saw them at the house around the corner… the same house that looks IDENTICAL to ours from the outside, has the same layout, and is a foreclosure…. 40,000 less than our house!   This other house does not have the upgrades that we have, appliances, or the finished basement… is that worth 40,000 to them!? 


We did not hear anything last night…. And nothing yet today….


I feel so stuck.   Last night we were on cloud 9… checking our email and phones constantly….


Did they go with the other house!?   Are they just thinking it over? 




I cant take the highs and lows… the waiting…


I want to get off this rollercoaster!



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