Saturday, September 3, 2011

How Do Parents Survive?!

These Terrible (Almost) Twos are HARD!

Tonight Leah threw tantrim because she was trying to dress herself and could not figure out why she could not move when she had2 legs in one pant leg of her PJ pants... or when putting her shirt on with hergs going thru the neck whole first does not work very well.  She seriously ended up on the floor, kicking and screaming because she could not dress herself.

Then she asked for a banana, I peeled one and gave it to her... and  immediately threw it on the floor!   She went for a time out.... calmed down and asked for another one 2 minutes later.   I first gave it to her, and when she could not peel it herself I asked if she wanted help.   She nodded yes and gave the banana back to me. I peeled it and handed her the fruit.... and then she threw it back at me!!!!!

Back to time out she went.... which is in her crib.... we still have not figured out how to keep her in one spot besides the crib.... and she passed out... im sure from pure exhaustion of these crazy tantrims she has been throwing.

She wears me out!!!

When do we get past this "I want to be independent" stage... because it cannot come soon enough!



  1. Hi Kim, I am your newest follower via the Lots of Lovin' Hop. I have not reached the terrible 2's stage yet, but I will read and learn :) Please follow back when you get a chance at

  2. oh lord...I'm going to kick myself in the arse for saying this but my son was actually a pretty easy 2 year old. Sure there were the wicked tantrums especially when he was trying to get his point across and we didn't understand him. But it got better.
    Then he turned 3.
    No one warned me about 3.
    It's a scary world this 3 year old business. I thought that I was getting away scott free!



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