Monday, September 5, 2011

Twenty Seven

I still feel the same as I felt last year as I turn 26.....

But it has been a pretty great birthday.

The weather was AMAZING.

We hit up Grants Farm with my sister-n-laws family.

Then had a BBQ at my parents with both my family and Brian's family... together!  I am so lucky that our familys get along and we can spend time all together! It really makes life easier!  :)

I received multiple giftcards to HomeGoods, Peir One, and Target to buy some fun stuff for the new house.... I cannot wait to get shopping!!!

Heres the back of the house, taken this weekend.   They started on the siding!! This week they are supposed to start working on the installation and dry wall! Can. Not. Wait. To. Go. Back. Next. Week!

26 was a bit of a rough year... Losing my Grandma, then Aunt, and all this house drama... Something tells me 27 will be AMAZING!



  1. Happy birthday!! Mine was on Sunday!!
    Ps. Ive been turning 25 for the last 6 years ;)

  2. Um.. So I knew it was your birthday and I said happy birthday on your fb wall... but then, with the post titled Twenty Seven - all spelled out like that - I can not BELIEVE it at all! To me, you will always be our soccer teams goalie, a girl to go to Chuck-E-Cheese with - and then they won't let us in, so we go shopping at Wal-Mart, and someone who played sports with me up until 8th grade! When did we become grown ups?!



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