Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I found jax taking a nap the other day... he is such a goofy cat! ... and yes, those are all the pillows I need to actually sleep at night lately...

I am trying to keep my mind off the fact that today is leahs birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I have 4 and a half hrs until its hospital time and I am just trying to keep myself in bed and away from the cleaning that I want to do and the food that I can't eat!

Ohh and everyone, the new john mayer cd is great!! I have loved him since I was 17, and I think this is my favorite cd yet! Its very relaxing to listen to!  I plan to blair it from the sterio later while I shower and repack my hospital bag for the 3rd time! Ha!

Well this took 5 minutes..... 4 hrs and 25 more minutes to go!

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