Saturday, November 14, 2009


I couldnt possibly grow anymore! Leah REALLY needs to come out! 4 more days at the most!

This picture was from Tuesday.... 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant.... Can you picture her curled up in there?

Oh yeah, so yesterday as I am sure you know was my last day of work. The day went pretty slow, the deptartment girls went out to lunch, and it was just a nice day with my coworkers. I really enjoy them all and I will miss them while I am out. We all make each other laugh... alot! .... Then 5 oclock came around... and it all began to set in as I set my away message on my email and my phone... I started to get REALLY nervous! The fact that I was about to become a mom, and caring for a little baby is my only focus for the next 74 days, really sank in! It wasn't like I was leaving for 2 weeks to get married and go on an amazing trip, like the last time I anxiously awaited something... this is 500 times more life changing. I am going to return to work as a mom... with new responsibilities at home. Its officially time to have this baby! I am about to begin my new career and title as MOM!!!

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  1. Kim!! You look great!!! Soo tiny and all belly!! I cannot wait to meet Leah!! Congrats on the last day of work. Hopefully Leah will come tomorrow on her due date! Keep me posted!!



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