Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 am

I am up.... 3 am.... and its not because I am in labor! I just cant sleep! Its one of those nights when my mind just wont shut off!

Brian hasnt noticed me out of bed yet... I am waiting for him to yell "Kim!? Are you ok!?" and sadly I will say "yes..."

My hope of her being born on 11/10/09 came and went... darn it!

I guess I can update about my last doctors appointment Monday...

I still have not progressed any, and my doctor brought up my induction options which I was supposed to go home and think about to decide on Monday, the day after my due date :(

If come the 16th and I am STILL pregnant, I can be induced on the 18th or the 25th.

I should choose the 18th of course because who on earth when they are over 40 weeks pregnant wants to wait ANOTHER week!? And that is what I am thinking... but the doctor said that come Monday, if I still have not progressed anymore from my 1 cm (my body just isn't ready for labor) and they try to induce me 2 days later with their medicine, than there is a high chance that even the medicine will not dilate me fully, and I may have to end up with a C-section. I have talked to several girls at work, and this actually happened with most of them... 24 hrs of trying to have their children traditionally and then switching over to a c-section... finally delivering their babies 30 hrs after entering the hospital. Do I want to take this chance?

But... who is to say that wont happen no matter when I go to the hospital, or whether I am induced or not? I was already told that because Leah is a larger baby and if any problems seem to start popping up, then they are more likely to switch over to a c-section.

Dr. Hugge says its my decision... and understands if I want to have her before Thanksgiving... I am sure Dr. Hugge would like to have Thanksgiving off as well! Sadly, if I make it to my appointment Monday, Brian will be there and we will make the decision...

I am still hoping to go into labor before Sunday though!!!! I think I have FINALLY dropped!! (One of the reasons why I am not progressing is because she was not dropping enough, which signals my body to begin changing to deliver her) Myself and everyone at work noticed yesterday that from the time I walked into work, and the time I walked out of work, I looked completely different... I left work with my belly looking like a tight ball that needed to be carried (like I need to have my hands under my belly to hold it up!). To me... it looked like I just have a really big belly that is hanging over my pants. Usually while I sleep she moves up ALOT, as in I feel like she is in my throat... or just in my chest, but tonight... she is staying down!

My mom thinks its the cold front.... Lets just think positive thoughts!!! ...

Alright, its been 40 minutes, and Brian hasnt noticed me out of bed yet! I am envious of his sleep! Uggg

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