Monday, November 2, 2009

I have to share, another conversation

Background information: We just moved Leah's swing to the other corner of our family room... its currently in front of a tall bookshelf, at the end of the couch. On top of this bookshelf is our pieces of Waterford crystal, a vase and three candle sticks... all are VERY heavy!

Brian and I are on the phone... he is on his way home from work, I am sitting on the couch...

Kim: Ahh! Jax just tried to jump to the top of the bookshelf from the couch.
Brian: He obviously didnt make it...
Kim: No but he got close.
Brian: There are some heavy stuff up there, maybe we should move them, we dont want them to fall on Leah.
Kim: Uhh...
Brian: What if there is an earthquake?

I love that he even thinks about these kind of things.... I think he has a fear of things falling on his little girl... he also will not let me hang anything near the crib... incase it falls on her.... during one of those very common earthquakes me have! ha! :) I love him!

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