Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Last Friday my baby girl became a BIG (seriously big, I will get to that later) two year old.

Her days of babyhood are long gone.

She has entered this toddler stage head on and is everything you think of a two year old.

She talks up a storm. 4-5 word sentences.   Brian actually got her to say "Daddy you are my favorite person" the other day.   It made his year.

You can call her Miss Independent.  She must try to dress herself, wash her own hands, diaper herself, feed herself, buckle herself into the car, close the doors.  She often says "I can do it." and "No help."  And once she has accomplished whatever it is she wanted to do she declares "I did it!".

We have said good bye to the crib and binkie as well.   She currently rests on a single twin mattress on the floor.   In a few weeks I think we will move it up to an actual bed when we are sure she will not be falling off.   At first she would wake up so proud of herself for sleeping in her bed, proclaiming "I sleepy in my bed!"

Saying good bye to the binkie is our newest accomplishment.   I cut the tips and gave them to her.  She declared they were broken and willingly threw them in the trashcan saying good bye to them.   She has been doing great since.   One rough night of sleep, but last night she almost slept thru the night.. I say almost because she actually woke up, I went in to check on her and she kicked me out!  She quickly went back to sleep on her own.   Seriously, can we say BIG GIRL!?

Her 2 year old check up assured us that Leah is in fact a big, healthy growing girl.

37.5 inches tall (99.66th percentile)
33 lbs 11 oz (97.80th percentile)

My little giant!  Out of 1000 two year olds, only 34 of them would be taller than Leah!  

We have been anxious to see how tall Leah would be at 2 years old.  We had heard of the myth that your 2 year old height, times 2, is your adult height.  I asked the doctor if she saw it to hold true and she said no, it rarely holds true.   She agreed that Leah will be tall, that is obvious, but we are both unsure if she will be 6'3!   I am sort of glad because I am not sure I would want her to be 6'3!   We dont want her teased... 5'11 or 6 foot we welcome though.

We also discussed with her doctor how coordinated Leah is.   The doctor even declared that she will be our athlete.  Can we say Brian and I's dream come true?  ha!  

Whether that comes true or not, we are sure that whatever she becomes she will be AMAZING.
And now a few pictures of the birthday girl...

Out to get ice cream.  Being spoiled by her Grandma and Grandma G.  (Leah calls her Grandpas "Grandma", and then she giggles.  She knows they are "Grandpa" but refuses to call them that.   Her little joke I guess.)

Opening all her presents all by herself. 

Her birthday cupcake.  A little unsure of the candles and the singing. 

Mommy had to help blow out the candle.

She is now cupcake obsessed and asks for one ALL THE TIME


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  1. Your kiddo is adorable! I found your blog through Bloggy Moms - Mom Near You. I am also from Missouri.

    I hope you stop by :)



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