Friday, June 4, 2010


Leah alllllmost slept thru the night.

I know we are this [ ] close!

She was asleep from 7-4:15!

And I HATE that 4 o'clock hour wake up!

Whenever she does sleep pretty good, and gets up, it seems to be much harder to get her back to sleep compared to when she has nights of getting up 3,4,5 times...

So this 4:15 wake up means Leah is now back to sleep, but I have been up... by the time I got her back to sleep... somewhere around 5!.... what was the point of me going back to bed for 20 minutes? I would probably wake up groggier and crankier than I am at the moment.

So here I am... its 5:45 and I have been up for an hour and a half already...

Thank goodness its Friday.... I allow myself to get a fancy coffee (only on Fridays and if I leave early enough) and I can "sleep in" the next 2 days.

Oh how nice sleep sounds right now.....

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