Sunday, June 13, 2010


The new blog look makes me feel so fresh and new!!! I love it!

I am feeling pretty refreshed myself. I just got back from some much needed girl time with Ashley and Anna. We of course talked about old times in Cape, our careers, love life, pending marriages for them two, and of course motherhood.

We also went to see Sex in the City 2. The three of us have a history of loving the show. We all lived together in college and spent HOURS watching the dvd seasons over and over... so whenever I think of Sex in the City I think of Cape Place apartments, college days, and my roommates. .... But I connected to this movie for a totally different reason... as Carrie talked about her almost 2 year marriage, how Big just wanted to lay on the couch and stay in, Charlotte broke down with her crying baby, Charlotte and Miranda's talk on how hard motherhood is, and the overwhelming theme of how important your friendships are.... it all hit home!

I think that is why so many of women love SNTC... its just so easy to relate to! ... and having that close relationship with your girlfriends is so important... and sometimes I forget that. I need to remember to make more time for them, and try to stop time from slipping away so quickly.

2005 - the ladies of Cape Place 412

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