Friday, June 4, 2010

drugging up my kid...

When I finally got Leah out of bed this morning I had to give her medicine before getting her dressed....

I realized that she is getting WAY too much and I absolutely hate it but I am not sure what else to do!

4 ml - antibiotic for her ear infection
1 ml - something for thrush
2.5 ml - children's benadryl because the doctor things all of her congestion might just be allergies... we will see if it helps.
1.2 ml - Tylenol for above mentioned ear infection and teething.

My baby girl is falling apart at 6 months old!!!!! I promise I am not one of those parents that always thinks something is wrong with their baby and always goes to see the doctor... atleast I dont think I am but she is a mess right now!!

Ear infection - When we went for her 6 month check up we were told she had an ear infection... she started antibiotic #2 (we already decided #1 ... the traditional pink stuff... doesnt work on Leah. This was determined way back when she was 2 months old!) she has had this one before... but she broke out in spots! According to the doctor it was a drug reaction so we switched to antibiotic #3.... she finished it.... but she still seemed sicky... so I called the doctor and she prescribed antibiotic #4. We are currently on day 4 of it.... hoping it works. She went to the doctor yesterday to check her ears and get her 6 month shots. The ear infection that she originally had at her check up cleared up, but she now has an ear infection in the other ear!! RIDICULOUS I say! We are hoping Leah being out of daycare for the next 2 months will clear things up... but if not, her next ear infection will send us off to the specialist to look into tubes. Part of me welcomes the tubes... from talking to other moms it seems very common now a days, and all result in less sick, much happier babies! I am all for that!

Thrush - a type of yeast infection that appears with a white milky coating in the mouth... caused from antibiotics which kills the good bacteria and causes "bad" bacteria... nothing too bad at all... but daycare seemed to be concerned about it and made us take her to the doctor and get medicine! The medicine is SUPER annoying because its in the BIG bottle... but she only gets 1 ml (less than a 1/4 of a tsp) which is super hard to get out with a syringe that you have to use to give her medicine, and she gets it 4 times a day for 2 weeks! ... pain in the butt!

Allergies - this one seems to really bother me and I am feeling alot of guilt.... is this because she is/was not breast fed? Breast milk is supposed to really build up babies immune systems.... Does Leah have a horrible immune system bc I only breast fed for a week?! I just could not do it anymore!! It makes me feel completely selfish and horrible that I could possibly be the one that caused this.

Teething - Leah's top 2 middle teeth are coming in!! You can feel them and see them in her gums but they havent actually broke thru yet.... poor thing... they need to just get thru and she will start feeling a bit of relief!! Hopefully in the next few days! These teeth could be the reason for her ear infections... the pressure in her gums are effect her ears...

My only saving grace right now is that Leah IS a happy baby! Even through her cranky times, she will smile and giggle and play... she is just a little more needy than usual and doesnt eat or sleep as well....

Today is her last day at daycare.... Grandma Kozlen's on Monday! Hopefully she will have a fully recovery within the first week!

By the way... I almost cried when I dropped Leah off at day-care this morning for her last day.... but I will save that for another post!

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