Wednesday, September 9, 2009

oh yeah

i am also getting HUGE!

29 weeks
31 weeks ... I also have to add an adorable picture of Cora! Is she not the cutest kitten ever?!


  1. Kim ..
    You look fantastic ! And kitty is tooo cute :)
    Wish I had good advice for better sleep for you .. do you have a body pillow ?
    Aunt Nancy
    Oh .. see you soon :) .. just 17 days til the wedding .. woooo hoooo !

  2. Oh my lord! It ALMOST makes me wish I was pregnant again! I guess you kind of miss it when it's gone. :) I was watching tv today and there was someone talking about how they could feel their baby move, and it REALLY made me sad and wish I could still feel it!!! haha, well, maybe in a couple of years!



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