Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 and a half lb baby?

Today was another check up with the doctor.

As usual I am measuring well ahead of schedule.... all the result of a large baby! I am not just being critical on myself when I say I am getting huge!!

To find out just how big Leah will be, and to prevent any labor issues that can result with delivering such a large baby, I will be having an ultrasound Oct 19th to determine just how big this girl is. At this time, I will be considered full term. Leah will be developed enough to survive, just putting on more weight until the due date. If she is already rather large come Oct 19th, she might not be staying in to "cook" all the way until her expected due date. ...

So Oct 19th will be a determining day in how and when Leah will be making her arrival!!!!


  1. I must say October 19th is an awesome day to be born (Both Mandy Ginninger and I were born on the 19th), However I hope she cooks a bit longer so you don't have to have a c-section :) Glad to hear she is good and healthy!

  2. I dont think it will be as early as the 19th... but maybe a week or two early...

  3. I love big babies .. sooooo cute :) But , I hope the delivery is'nt hard on you either way it goes ..
    Aunt Nancy



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