Sunday, September 6, 2009

3 am

Its 3 am and I am wide awake!

I fell asleep around 9:30... but now I am up... I think my body is really preparing me for this baby!

So since I am up... I guess I will update!

Yesterday was my birthday... I am officially 25! To all of my friends turning 25, they seem to take it as a "holy cow I am getting old" birthday... I am taking it as a "25 seems like the perfect mommy age!" For some strange reason I just feel more comfortable knowing I am going to be a 25 year old first time mom rather than 24. I guess in my head 25 seems old enough and responsible enough to take care of a child of my own. I told my own mother this reasoning and she thinks I am crazy... her response was "Its not like your a teenage mother!" ... Other birthday news, it was a very nice and relaxing birthday. Friday night we went out to dinner with my parents and sister, Saturday was spent going to Brian's parents for lunch, then home to watch the Mizzou game and to start on Leah's baby scrapbook (its looking darn cute, I will try to put pictures up) and then Brian and I headed to mexican for dinner.

The rest of our labor day weekend should be just as relaxing and calm as saturday was. Its very nice having weekends like this. My mom asked Brian if he was ready for Leah to come and his response was "not yet, I am going to have a kid for the rest of my life, I need to enjoy these next 10 weeks". He is right... I need to enjoy my lazy days and nights because they will become a thing of the past. Its crazy to think that most of our weekends have aleast one thing planned already from now until the baby is here!

  • Sept 12-13: Delivering Sarah's cake topper to the baker for the wedding. That's it!
  • Sept 19-20: Teri's wedding here in St. Charles and our hospital tour
  • Sept 25-27: My brother's wedding weekend!!!!!!!
  • Oct 3-4: Get our rings inspected, new phones, and any other errands taken care of before baby... and my mother n law's birthday!
  • Oct 10-11: Baby shower!
  • Oct 17-18: Stephanie's baby shower
  • Oct 24 - 25: Nothing yet! :) Probably celebrating my baby sister's 18th birthday! eeks! and shopping for everything else we need for the baby.
  • Oct 31-1: Halloween and holy cow its NOVEMBER!!!!! This is also the weekend before my exam!! I should be STUDYING!
  • Nov 6-7: Its the weekend before my due date!!!!!!
  • Nov 14-15: It IS my due date!!!!!

That is it... That is all the weekend before Leah arrives!! I should not have done this! I am stressing out now!! What else do we need to get done before she is here!?!?

Oh... I dont think I ever mentioned my ultrasound results... Gallbladder and all organs looked great... so we are still unsure what is causing my pain! My next appointment is this Thursday and we are supposed to discuss this more so we will see...

Tuesday morning I am meeting with a pediatrician! It seems crazy, but exciting! We will have to keep this little one healthy! Hopefully she is like Brian and I and rarely gets sick. We both seem to have pretty good immune systems to fight off colds and all.. hopefully we have passed on this trait!

Well its almost 4... and I am running out of things to talk about... plus I am getting hungry... so Good Night... hopefully!

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  1. Happy 25th Birthday!!! I adore your idea on 25 and being a mommy. I think is so sweet!I hope you continue to have a relaxing weekend!!

    PS: There is a Big chance we will be in town for Thanksgiving. I talked to Michael already.



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