Saturday, September 26, 2009

exhausted already!

I am again up WAY too early, so I will write to pass the time before getting in the shower and waking Brian and my sister. (My sister spent the night... I will get to that later)

So the past few days have been wonderful.

Thursday I took a few hours off of work... originally I took them off to attend Brian's surprise baby shower at his work, but it was cancelled last minute at Brian's request... Brian has taken a new job... back to public accounting.... His last day at Centene is Oct 8th and he didnt want people to give him gifts when he probably would never be talking to or seeing most of them again.... Details about Brian's new job will be saved for another day as I have a variety of emotions surrounding it and I do not want to get into it at the moment...... but anywho, I left work early Thursday and got a little pampering done... a very much needed manicure and pedicure.

Yesterday, Friday, I was off for my brother's wedding rehearsal!!! The day was exhausting though! I again woke up before 6... Its hard for me to even make it to 6 anymore... then we left the house by 10. The rehearsal was at 11... then we went to lunch with my parents, helped decorate the room for the rehearsal dinner later that night, headed to the hotel to set up the hospitality room, then to my parents house to "rest" which really only consisted of sitting on the couch for 30 minutes before I had to run to JCPenney's for last minute items and Brian went for a run with my brother (so cute! My brother somehow has a special power of getting people to do whatever he wants) Then it was up to Summit to watch my sisters tennis game, home to get the boys, and then off to the rehearsal dinner on the hill. Brian, my sister, and I made it home around 930 and I pretty much fell into bed!!! Although it was a busy and tiring day, it was great! I love my family so much and I am so happy for my brother and Sarah!!! I can't wait for the wedding today because everything is going to be so gorgeous!!! I will of course have pictures to post soon...

Although I am completely excited for today's activies, I know today will be even more exhausting! It makes me tired thinking about it all!! Here I am, with maybe 6 hours of sleep, needing to be at the hotel between 830-9 to start primping, (this is why Jessica spent the night... I was not going to drive to pick her up tomorrow morning and then head there.... )and then a full day of wedding activities. I am sure there will be no nap times (probably a little more caffeine than usual) but hopefully just alot of excitement and happiness to get me thru it all!

In baby news... one of the groomsmen and my brother's childhood friend just had a new baby born a week ago! This is him and his wife's 3rd child, but Tina still could not part with her new baby Emerson so he also attended the rehearsal! I of course spent most of my day holding this little one and getting more and more excited for Leah to get here!! Brian was just amazed at how small Emerson was.... he said it was the youngest baby he thinks he has ever been around, or atleast remembers being around. I think it hit him more that we will have our baby soon!!!

Well... I have wasted some time... now its time to get some breakfast and shower... and get this day started!!!

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