Monday, September 21, 2009

St. Johns

Yesterday Brian and I attended our hospital tour. I am not sure if this tour helped ease my nerves about coming to the hospital to have a baby, or if it just created new worries. The entire tour I was fighting back tears.... Being at the hospital just opens up a variety of emotions... I am currently fighting back tears thinking about it all!! I am so excited but so terrified all at the same time!

First we visited the Labor and Delivery area....Seeing the rooms, the beds, the equipment.... scared me! I just kept thinking to myself "I am going to be sitting in here in pain!" After the Labor and Delivery they took us to the O.R. area so see where C-sections are done... seeing and hearing about all of this, I DO NOT WANT ONE! (But then again... I dont really want to have a baby the traditional way either.... I am hoping for magic and she just mysteriously comes out!)
Then it was on to the NICU... the reason why St. John's is so popular when it comes to delivering babies.... this really made the tears want to come out! I whispered to Brian "We dont want to come here!" but I know it will be out of our control! There were plenty of itty bitty babies laying in their fancy glowing cribs... Leah wont be itty bitty, but what if Leah is not healthy?! Its hard to think about! Then we headed to the Recovering/Nursery area... I am not sure what it was really called... I had no idea that I would be delivering the baby on one floor and then moved to a totally different area of the hospital once she is born. These rooms looked about the same as L & D... there was a small love seat though for Brian to sleep (he was sure to touch it to see how comfy it was) and they pointed out all of the kitchen areas and how to order food. I look forward to getting to that point! We stopped by the nursery, but there was not a single baby in there... they were all out with their parents.

While back to our car Brian said "Its not long now... do you remember where to go?" It was about 6 weeks ago that I first went to St. John's for my pain, now its about 6 more weeks and we will be back there again!.... only this time we will be bringing home our baby girl!!!!!!!!!

For those who plan to visit us in the hospital... remember:

If Leah is not yet born: use the BLUE elevators to the 2nd floor
If Leah has been born: use the GREEN elevators to the 6th or 7th floor

It wont be long now.....

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  1. Don't Worry Kim! Leah Will Be Wonderful and Healthy! Can't Wait For The Shower!:)



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