Sunday, June 12, 2011

Project Move Part 3.... or 4....

Papers are signed...

Lot is choosen....

Everything is falling into place to begin building out Montego by the end of the month!! (OMG!!!!)

The view from the front... sadly other houses will be built in there... but I am sure the hill of trees will be GOREGOUS in the fall!

And some pictures from the model.... We have many of the same upgrades as the model so it should look pretty similar!   We just LOVE it!!
There is a super long entry way.... the dinning room/office is to the right when you walk in the door, then a powder room, and to the left is the laundry room, mud room area and garage, and then stairs to the basement.

from the stairs

I love how open it is... yet still closed off.   The master bedrom is right around the corner, sharing a wall with the great room.

The upstairs loft.   We are getting a half wall here to close it off a little bit. We plan to use it as playroom and I am sure we will be needing that halfwall to hide some of the junk toys!  Upstairs there is also 3 bedrooms, each with a walk in closet, and 1 large bathroom, with double sinks, and a door seperating the sinks and toilet/shower.   I think it is a perfect bathroom for future kids to share.

My kitchen! ... but no island..... but I think I might go with the same cabinets... Brian and I both really like these.

Masterbath!! Toilet room to the left, and walk in closet to the back. I kind of love how the closet is at the back of the bathroom.

The great room from above.

View from the kitchen. Love the windows!


No sunroom for us, but a traditional deck instead.

We absolutely love it!   It is the perfect mix of what Brian and I both viewed as our dream home!   I cannot wait to have it built and to fill it with our favorite things!!!


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