Friday, June 24, 2011

I Believe...

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...moving stinks.... but will be 100% worth it down the road.

...Leah might just be ready to be a big sister. She frequently pretends I am the baby and feeds me, gives me her sippy cup, and her binkie. She will be an awesome big sis!

...Leah might be even more ready for potty training! She frequently says "I poo-poo." but when you check her diaper she is clean.... 5 minutes later she goes. She knows she needs to go... we just need to get her a potty so we can start putting her on it when she is telling us this! Last night she told me while she was in the bathtub.   That definitely meant it was time to get out!

...vacation is so needed! I cant wait to spend a week where I dont have to think about work, or the house, or anything really.... Is it time to leave yet?

...I will cry when it comes time to say our final good bye to this house. The tears are already forming just thinking about it. There are such good memories here... and great neighbors. It will be hard to leave.
...I have a water baby.... or should I say water toddler! This is definitely not the picture of a baby! She love to jump in from the side of the pool.  Rebel.
My sister with Leah.  I think this is about the cutest picture E-V-E-R! sad as I am to leave this house, I am super excited to live with my parents again!  I cant wait for the girl time with my mom and sister, breakfast with my dad, and just being in my old town! is going to be a good week!


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  1. Sounds exciting! Hope your trip/moves go well!!



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