Thursday, March 21, 2013

Body After Baby: Half Marathon Training Week 9

I am really behind in getting this post up...

I wont even go into what I was supposed to run because we should all know by now I am not very good at following my training schedule...

This weeks theme though was FAST!

Day 1: 

Nothing... cant remember why I did not get out...

Probably it was really windy.

I decided I hate wind more than anything!

Day 2: 

I knew I had to get out there.

I dropped the girls off at school and immediately did 4.1 miles in the chilly morning.

9:15 pace.

Day 3: 

Again I had trouble getting myself out there...

Before getting the girls I figured I would atleast get in a quick 3 miles.

My goal was to not even look at my watch the entire run...

It was the route around my neighborhood and I knew the mile markers.

But when I was about 2.5 miles in I glanced down to see my pace.

I knew I was going a little faster, but no idea how fast.

I saw 8:05!

Seeing that pace made me push myself the rest of the way to see what I could get in a 5k.


I really shocked myself since I was running alone where I am usually pretty slow and did not even have intentions of going that fast!

Now I wish I would have pushed a little harder that first mile...

And I am really anxious to see what I would do in an actual 5K race now!

Day 4: 

The news was forecasting a 60 degree afternoon.

My running buddy Heather, who also works from home, texted to see if I was interested in running together.

Of course!

This girl might be my running role model!

She runs a 1:50 half marathon...

Sub 4 hour full marathon...

Is 10 years older than me but in awesome shape.

She is slightly faster than me obviously but I love to run with her because it pushes me a bit harder.

We waited all day to meet up.

We kept pushing the time back because it was still COLD outside.

And raining!

We finally decided 1:30 to head out, but on the drive to meet up it started raining again.

She has a membership to the "local" YMCA and offered to just head there and I could be her guest.

(I do not consider this local because its 15 minutes away!)

I did just under 7 miles in 60 minutes...

Around a 9:00 pace.

I also loved being at a full gym again!

I cannot wait for the Eureka Rec center to open up so I can get a membership and enjoy it!

Seriously, cannot wait!

Its only 3 miles away from my house so I have dreams of running there, doing some weights, and running back home...

Day 5:

It really was fabulous out so Heather and I met again for an afternoon run on the Al Foster Trail.

The girl knows I want to do the half in under 2 hours and she definitely is trying to help me get there.

We did the 5 mile trail in about an 8:15 pace!

I usually just run....

But Heather is helping me tryi to work on getting faster each mile and making small goals with each run I do.

Its definitely helping.

Day 6: 

Another scheduled/organized race!

St. Pat's Parade run 5 miler...

I had all intentions of heading down with Heather and her friends then meeting up with Melanie, Holly, & Laura...

That was until my cranky mood took over.

I ended up forgetting my number/bib all together.

There was no sun.

It was again colder than expected.

I was tired.


I was just grumpy and not feeling it.


We ended up starting off at the beginning of the "yellow" bib section...

aka the semi fast group.

Yes, I am semi fast, but compared to the general running population, there are a lot out there a whole lot faster.

1504 to be exact.

This run was a little depressing...

I know its a similar course as the half...

And to see all these people continually passing me really knocked my confidence for the half.

The whole 3rd mile was pretty much at an incline into the wind and I HATED it.

I hated the crowd and I know the half will be even worst.

During the run I just kept thinking the half will be miserable!

I think it was just the weather that effected my mood...

Lets pray for nice, sunny weather for April 7th!

As for the actual run...

Heather gave me her bib about 2 miles in.

We were running together and the serious runner she is has a fancy bib holder belt thingy so mid run she just handed it over and I put it on.

She was not feeling great that morning either and the cold wind really gets her asthma going so she was planning to stop for a few minutes.

I finished in 42:53.

8:36 pace.

1505 out of 9600 total runners.

Not too shabby I guess.

But I ran 5 miles faster the day before!

Heather ended up finishing in 47 minutes...

Even with a 3 minute pit stop, hitting her inhaler, and calling her husband!

Doesnt this picture just scream COLD! 

Afterwards there was free beer... but I was too cold and just managed a few sips before giving my beer away. 

Day 7: 


It was a rainy rainy day. 


So this week I got back to multiple runs... 

Maybe not high in mileage... 

But I definitely have picked up my speed. 

I decided that I much more prefer smaller organized runs. 

Lets keep it under a thousand people.

The big crowds, stress of parking, so many runners really messes with me and is just not worth it to me. 

Please let the half be a much more enjoyable experience! 


  1. Girl, you are getting faster!!! Awesome paces! Quit doubting yourself!!
    I, however, am getting slower!! Haha...ever since my half, it's like I'm gasping for breath with each run! I have a 10k I want to PR all over in a few weeks...can you loan me some of your speed?!? :)

  2. How do you like your Garmin? I have been considering getting one for awhile now...

  3. Just realized (via Holly) that we are running the same half on Sunday. Just realized (thanks to this post) that I will be eating your dust. You go girl! :)



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