Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekly Round Up: 11 of 52

Monday 3/11:

Single mothering it up.... a good night picture to daddy. 

Tuesday 3/12:
My uncontrollable desire to decorate while the hubby away continues with a new picture gallery in our bedroom. I am LOVING it. 

Wednesday 3/13:
Finally made it to the store to get some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.... Im now hooked. 

Thursday 3/14:
I couldn't stop painting the day before... this table ended up getting a face lift as well. Thursday was spent waxing.... 

Friday 3/15:

The St. Louis area was teased with some awesome weather Friday.  I met up with a buddy at a local trail for a QUICK 5 mile run... 

Saturday 3/16:
The day started off with the St. Pat's Run and errand running... including picking out the grout color for our next house project happening the last week of March! 

Sunday 3/17:

My brother posted this picture... He is a soon to be a first time dad.... so sweet! 

I snuck in a little girl time with my mom and sister and baby girl.  We all hit the mall while Brian and Leah stayed home to play video games. Emily was just way too excited to have mommy sitting next to her in the car. 

This lady had zero clothes for the warmer weather but after a little shopping, new shorts, tank tops & dresses! I'm ready for vacation and summer!  I think I will be wearing something similar to this every day June - Aug. 

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