Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Roundup: 10 of 52

Whoa... week 10 already.

Monday 3/4:

This day would definitely be marked as the highlight of the week.  It was the day that I found out my yearly raise amount, my bonus amount, and the fact that...


The best thing is that I will be getting a raise, higher bonus percentage, and I will be doing the EXACT same job. Nothing at all changes. My boss just had to prove that I was already doing work on the level of my new title... now I get rewarded for it!

So when the Oberweis guy rang my doorbell after I got off the phone with my boss, he benefited from my good mood and new higher income and I signed up for weekly milk delivery!  It kind of cracks me up, but for about 50 cents more than what I pay at the store, I will be getting fat free, in a glass jar, hormone free and organic milk delivered to our door every Tuesday. The stuff is GOOD too... He gave me this chocolate milk for free because I told him I loved it but I will not let myself get that delivered weekly... 

Tuesday 3/5:

Does anyone else ever notice that after a really good day you usually have a crappy day?

Tuesday I was just feeling ROUGH.  Maybe it was the fact that I was SORE from my 12 mile run a few days prior, or some sort of bug... but I was FREEZING all day, no appetite, could not stop shivering, and just all achy!  This tea was my attempt to warm up... it worked for about 20 minutes. 

After I picked up the girls we needed to hit the grocery store for a few items.  Schnucks just got in these little carts and Leah LOVES them.  She behaves so well just shopping around, picking up everything for me and putting it in her cart. 

She wants to go to the grocery store all the time now. 

Wednesday 3/6:
I actually wore my hair down! 

We started off the morning with Miss Emily's 9 month check up. 

And ended the night playing in the loft. Leah was very proud of her Mr. Potato head. 

I gave Emily her snack of cheerios in a bowl and set it in front of her... she kept trying to put her face in the bowl.  She was too funny! 

Thursday 3/7
I headed back to the office and was back to boot camp class as well.  I was still sore from my run, and after a class full of squats I knew I would be hurting more... I tried this protein drink to try to lesson my soreness in anyway possible... not sure if it worked, but it wasn't half bad either.  

Leah spent the afternoon/evening with some tummy issues and not feeling great... I hate when she is sick, but I do like that she is now old enough to vocalize how she feels.  It kind of makes it all a little easier. 

Mommy spent the evening sad because Daddy found out he would be heading out of town the following week... The knowledge always depresses me and sends me into a weird funk. 

Friday 3/8:

The weather was fabulously 50 and I spent the entire day looking forward to a nice longish run. ... in my new capris! Im newly obsessed with them.

Saturday 3/9:
Saturday did not start off well.... 

I was really excited to get in a run with my running group. I miss those ladies and havent seen most of them in a while because of the crappy weather lately.  We were all anxious for the warm weather that was forecasted and getting together but we woke up to RAIN!  We were all BUMMED. 

The rain finally ended by early afternoon, and after a few errands we hit up the park for a bit. 

 Then we met up with daddy at the tile store, with our handy man and picked out some tile! I am SO excited about what we decided on.  We are waiting to hear back on the pricing to make sure we are still in budget, but OMG it should all come together perfectly! I cannot wait!

This picture was of us just sitting on the curb, waiting on Blake to let us in the store. I love how sweet my girls look. 

Once we made it back home we played with some friends outside for a bit and then hung out while daddy BBQed for us.  Emily now LOVES the swing!! 

And Leah loves to push her! (The swing is hanging down from our deck)

Sunday 3/10:

This day was just depressing...

The time change made us lazy.

It was raining ALL DAY.

And daddy left for his business trip at 1pm.

She is starting to loose the baby-babyness and starting to look a little more little girlish... 

Leah is a puzzle MACHINE!  Seriously this girl is awesome at them. She does not even need a picture to look at, she just knows to do the border first and then works her way in. I love watching her do them. 

Once daddy left we headed to Brian's parents house for his parents to watch the girls while I ran a few errands. 

Then we headed to my parents for dinner. 

Remember when I wrote THIS POST about my uncontrollable desire to decorate whenever Brian goes out of town... 

He wasnt even out of town for more than a few hours, but I guess it was the fact that I was in Fenton, near Garden Ridge, that I decided I really wanted to go look at their bar stools... My dad went with me because according to my mom "If she buys some, she needs help getting them in the car."....some father daughter time. 

We walked around... then found the clearance section.  My dad is the king of deals... There were alot of great ones, but they mostly were random single chairs.  I wanted matching chairs obviously, and preferably 3!  There was a group of 5 of a single style, very sturdy, heavy, good stools... but a little more frilly than I knew Brian would like.  He already didnt know I was looking at bar stools, he would really shoot me if I got something he didnt like.  I was about to give up, with my dad checking at the Garden Ridge by his work to see if they had any of the style I was liking, that only had 2... when I suddenly looked up and spotted a third!! We seriously were there for about an hour, in the same section, I have no idea how I missed these 3!

1 was priced at 149.99.  1 priced as 129.99.  And another without a price. 

They were all 50% off.... If I could get them all for $65 a piece that would be a steal... They are really nice and sturdy ones too.  I about killed myself trying to pull one off of the top shelf ..  I was a little nervous heading to check out, but the 149.99 price tag was on the bottom of the chair, while the 129.99 was up and visible on the other. I was hoping the cashier wouldnt bother searching each chair... 

And he didnt!  I scored all 3 chairs for $211 after tax! 

And I freaking LOVE them! 

I told Brian, and sent him pictures.... he didn't say much... luckily I am under budget this month and I think he understands that I got an awesome deal on them. 

So who wants to come over and visit with me while sitting in them!?

My decorating problem while Brian is out of town will probably continue thru out the week... I already have a few ideas in mind. Stay tuned! 


  1. They say good puzzler doers become great readers. Puzzles are great for her age!!

    You look fabulous

    and I want glass milk mmm

    Hell i just want milk.

    3 more days!

  2. AWESOME bar stools and you know I would be there. Love those new capri's too - yay. Look at the girls - they are getting so big so fast.

  3. Congrats on the raise/promotion/bonus! That's awesome!

  4. Congrats on your promotion!!! I love Oberweis. You are so fancy now!!

  5. 1. Congrats on your raise!! Hollerrrr!
    2. You are looking über skinny, my dear
    And 3. I wanna come over!!!!



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