Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Roundup: 9 of 52

This week was pretty boring...

But in the need to document...

Monday 2/25:

Loving my new Loft shirt with the zipper in the back... BUY IT!

Tuesday 2/26

No picture... and no reason... I cannot even remember if I was too busy or what.... oh well.  Maybe going into the office Monday, and working from home on a Tuesday just was throwing me all off!

Wednesday 2/27:

I think it was wishful thinking but I thought "Spring is soon... I better wear my sweater dress and boots one last time while I still can!" 

Thursday 2/28:

I think  I went to Walmart about 4 times this past week... I could not remember everything I needed to save my life. I can write lists, and still forget! Probably because I always had 2 kids with me when I went... Thursday was my final trip for the week and I scored some Kcup deals on clearance!  Apple Cider for the hubby and a 48 count box for 22.00!   

Friday 3/1

I had all intentions of going into the office... I was up at 5:30, showered, dressed, make up on, and hair done (as much as it gets done right now, the joy of alopecia!)... and then I looked outside and watched the news.... SNOW... and it wasnt stopping all day.  It was just enough to cause a headache on the roads... I figured it wasnt worth me trying to make it into the office when I really did not need to be there... so I stayed home and I was bummed! 

I guess I was just in a weird mood all day... because when I finished up all of my work early, instead of heading out for a run... I took the 30% off coupon to Sherwin Williams and decided to paint the half bath!

2 hours later I was done! ... It is REALLY blue.... but I freaking LOVE it! It is all part of Project: The House Needs More Color.  Goal met.  

When Leah came home and saw it the first thing she said was "Why didnt you paint it pink?"

Saturday 3/2

Emily's mobility is really improving.  We have been playing in the Loft alot more, which is open to the steps... this was my barricade to keep her from falling down them... 

While Leah napped I actually got out my real camera and took some pictures of Miss Emily.  The poor 2nd child has limited pictures of just her... She was a little ham. 

That night the girls went to their grandparents houses for a sleep over.  It was only the 2nd time that we have had a child free night since Emily was born.  Brian and I hit up a local Italian restaurant for a 4:45 dinner and then went home and did NOTHING!  It was so nice to sit on the couch, watch live TV, and then go to bed by 9:30 and stay in bed until I wanted too... no one screaming that they needed me... yet I still was up at 6:30.  Im an early riser, what can I say?

Sunday 3/3

Leah and Emily fight over this slinky... seriously.  They both are constantly yanking it out of the others hands and then wining about it. I guess this was Leah's attempt of keeping it from her sister... aka... getting it stuck in her hair. It was so funny! Leah would not sit still long enough for me to get a good picture... 

Both girls were a little off... Leah woke up from her nap and just wanted to cuddle and lay on the couch... she complained of her head hurting and barely ate anything all day which is completely unlike the normal garbage disposal that she is. ... and Emily took a pretty good size nap, and then wanted to head to back to sleep early too.  We cuddled in bed for a bit to give her mini nap so that she would atleast make it till 6:30pm before going down for the night.  I was in heaven cuddling with this precious girl. 

Emilys nap quickly ended when Leah decided to join us in bed... 

But then we just all cuddled!   Daddy even joined us but he refuses to be in any pictures... 

It was pretty much the perfect end to the week. 

Just happy to be with my perfect little family.


  1. Your wednesday outfit is amazing! Love the boots!
    Glad you had some time to head out for dinner and relax on Saturday. Doing nothing nights are soooo needed sometimes!

  2. PEEK A BOO EMILY!! That is too cute!!! Great picture.

    Love your bathroom, I still need to do mine. It is SO SO tiny I am scared.

  3. I LOVE that last picture! Too cute!



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