Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Body After Baby: Half Marathon Training Week 8

This week has a theme...

Its called SORE.

I am not sure if it was the 12 mile run on Sunday...

Or some sort of illness...

Or the return to boot camp class...

But I sucked at running this week.

I was all over the place...

aka -  not following my plan.

And I could barely move my body.

Day 1: 5 miles

Skipped bc I just ran 12 miles the day before...

That was my furthest distance yet.

I know you are supposed to rest after run a half marathon, I figured I should probably rest after running 12 miles at a pretty good pace with tons of hills as well.

I felt pretty good though...

Day 2: off

OMG this day was miserable.

I already mentioned how I had chills and shivered all day...

I did not mention in my other post how my legs KILLED me...

I felt like I had 2 rocks for butt cheeks and could not stand to sit in my chair.

I actually made it down to the treadmill.

Hoping some movement would stretch me out a bit.

I did 3.1 miles...

Not even running it all.

I still was hurting.

Day 3: 3 miles - speedy

I rested my aching body.

Day 4: 4 miles

I was finally starting to feel a bit better.

I was a little late getting down to the gym and was only able to get in 2 miles before boot camp class.

Boot camp consisted of TONS of squats and lunges.

The 2 rocks for butt cheeks returned.

Day 5: 6 miles

The weather was too goregous not to get in a run.

I knew I majorly slacked so I was hoping for a mid-distance run...

aka 7-8 miles.

(isn't it ridiculous that I think 7-8 miles does not qualify for a "long" run anymore?! Who am I?)

I took a little scenic run of Eureka... past the horse farm. I stopped for some fruit snacks (I was out of GU or any sports snacks and my brother had mentioned to me before that fruit snacks are pretty much the same thing... just harder to eat while running!) and enjoyed the horses. 

I made it back home at 7.48 miles.  Around a 9:30 pace. 

For being SORE and my muscles so tight I was THRILLED with that 9:30 pace! 

Day 6: 5 miles

I had all intentions of running the 5 with my gals in my running group but as I said yesterday rain ruined our plans.   

The day got away from me. 

And family time won out over any chance to go run. 

Oh well. 

Day 7: 10 miles

It rained ALL DAY. 

And Brian headed out of town. 

So running didnt happen. 


If you are counting.... 

Schedules miles for the week  = 33
Miles ran = 13.58


I feel like I am in a running rut right now. 

Its not that I do not want to do it... 

I miss it. 

I know I am crabbier. 

This week should be better. 

Nicer weather. 

I am hoping to make up for my missed miles a bit... 

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  1. Girl you are doing great - I swear. You got this in the bag.. When I don't run I get crabby too. I have a 5 miler tonight... It's hard when the hubs leave - hard to find the time.



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