Thursday, February 28, 2013

Overdue Hodge Podge Post

Oh my.

It has been so long that I am not even sure where to begin.

Let's just see what randomly comes out of my brain as I word vomit a bit...

  • Emily slept 12 hours straight last night!  Yet, the 3 year old was up multiple times, and finally decided to start her day at 4:15 where I laid her on the couch downstairs and turned on Disney Jr to make sure she did not wake her sister and I climbed back into bed. 
  • The 3 year old also randomly threw up last night in the kitchen, then proceeded to ask for something to eat.  It was very strange... She is known for hiding her illnesses, but she did not complain of anything and did not do it again.  If you asked her she will say she just "spit up a bit like Emily." ... Maybe that is why she did not sleep last night? 
  • Emily has her top 2 teeth coming in... as in any minute now they should break thru the skin.  They are almost gross to look out.  They are definitely lowered past her gum line, you can see them lowered, but they are still covered in a very thin layer of skin,  gum, something! 
  • This Saturday the kiddos are going to their grandparents house to stay the night!  Emily will be 9 months next week and this is only the 2nd time we will have a completely free night I believe!! We do not have any plans as of yet, but I would like to just sit in quietness and sleep for 10 hours. 
  • We have had our handyman over to give us a quote on tiling the backsplash in the kitchen and master bath next month!  I am so excited to get it done... now we just need to decide on what exactly we want! Its a BIG decision since its something we will have to live with for YEARS! Its not like we can easily take it down and re-do it. It gives me anxiety just thinking about it! 
  • I also am currently convincing my father n law to help me put up Board and Batten after seeing the tutorial on Young House Love today! I am so excited!!! 
  • Sherwin Williams is having one of their big 30% off sales this weekend.... I think I might try to paint something! ... half bath, loft, our bedroom..... I AM buying some paint! 
  • I have a 6 week window before I get my FA results back and major studying for C beings... I have to get all of my projects done NOW!  Send the caffeine I have a lot to do! 
  • We are in the midst of tax season. I am doing better than originally thought surviving with the 2 kids.  This past week Brian has eaten dinner at work each night.  It is nice that I do not have to cook a real dinner and dirty dishes (I eat something random, Leah is in a really picky stage right now that she usually eats mac & cheese, lunchable, just fruit, or cereal) which is nice, but I really miss having him home and eating together.  Emily is usually asleep by 7 so Brian never sees her which breaks my heart too. 7 more weeks... 
  • My eating lately has gotten a little crazy... definitely splurging a bit more than usual.  I have been craving Fritos which is weird!  I am trying to get back on track... 
  • A couple of weeks ago when we took the girls to the Magic House I accidentally parked in the wrong parking lot.  It was just me with Leah and Emily in the stroller and ONLY stairs to get up to the entrance. I decided I was Wonder Woman and could handle it all... I sent Leah up the stairs and told her to stand at the top and wait for me.  I then carried Emily IN the stroller, with the diaper bag, up the flight of stairs.  2 men  asked me if I needed help as I made my way up carrying them and I told them "Nope, I got it!" ... And I did!  I was freaking proud of myself... and then a random lady said "That must be why you are so skinny"!  It all made my day! I might add I was also in a sweater dress, tights, and boots! 

  • Lately I have realized that I am VERY goal driven.  If I do not have something specific in mind, I can be mighty lazy.  Once this half marathon thing is over, yes I hope to still run... my friend I ran with the other day that does marathons and such suggested just keeping a long run every other weekend to keep my endurance up. So glad I have my running group to keep me accountable there ... but with the opening of our new rec center later this year, and an ability to go to an actual gym, and classes, and have friends in the area that will be going to this gym too, I really want to work on lowering my percent of body fat.  I have no idea right now what it is... I am guessing not fabulous .... but I want to maybe make my next goal to be to lower it by 5% or something like that. I will figure out the details after the half.  If I think about it too much right now I will begin on that journey and really overwhelm myself. 
  • We are getting SUPER excited for Easter in our household... since having kids I realized it is definitely the most fun holiday.  Spring fever, egg hunts, the candy... awesome I say! ... and this year Leah knows all about it and asks daily if its Easter yet! CAN NOT WAIT! 
  • I have also been prepping Leah for our beach trip!  Last time we went she was about 20 months old and terrified of the sand.  We spent a majority of the time in the pool, which I wont complain about, but I wanted to sit on the beach and relax a bit.  Right now Leah plays in the sand box at school so I am hoping she will be fine with the stuff... and we have been looking at pictures from our last trip and talking all about the things you can do at the beach.  She is READY... I think!  Emily will be about 11 months and I think our main problem will just be making sure she does not eat the sand.... I cant wait! I am already dreaming about my early morning runs I can go on.   So excited! 

And I think that about catches you all  up with the happenings in the Gilmore household and thoughts in my head... 


  1. My 4 year old is a much worse sleeper than my 13 month old. It's ridiculous!!

  2. I thank god everyday for disney jr... that and dvr.

  3. Where are you going to the beach at?

    I loved the random list:)



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