Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Where I am.

I haven't written an actual, heart felt, feelings driven post in a long time.

This weeks mark 4 years of blogging.

4 years ago little Miss Leah was magically created in my belly.

I needed an outlet for my emotions so I turned to blogging.

I blogged when I was happy, sad, frustrated, anxious, sleep deprived, aggravated, scared, excited and proud.

The writing was my therapy.

All those emotions are still there as I am at this new place in my life.

Probably alot more happy, excited, and proud than ever before.

But I do not feel the need to write about them anymore.

I was the first of my friends to get married.

The first to start a family.

I was just in a different place in my life than those that I usually turned to to share my excitement with, seek advice, and just chat.

I think I used writing on the blog as my "friend".

I wasn't lonely by any means...

My blog was just there for my free therapy.

To listen.

To not judge.

But I feel like things have changed lately.

I finally found a hobby in running.

Any frustration, anxiety, stress melts away when I run.

The therapeutic need to write has lessened. 

Many new people have come into my life in the past few months as well...

Neighborhood mommy friends who are all in the exact same point in their lives as me...

Running friends who share the same goals...

And as ironic as it is... Blogging friends.

I no longer feel so alone I guess.

We run, we email, we text, we instagram...

Last night I had a minor situation with daycare.

In the past I would have immediately blogged about it before bed.

Instead I called up a new friend, Jenn, who sends her kids to the same daycare and vented.

I did not need to write.


In the past I think I was just trying to find my footing in this "young working mothers club."

Feeling a little alone.

Navigating my way thru it all without much help from others.

But now I feel like I am finally standing steady.

Confident in where I am in my life right now.

Of who I am and what I have.

And who I have around me.

Life is good.


  1. Yay for finding your niche. But you can never leave us, the end.

  2. LOVE THIS POST and I adore you. Running is good for the soul...

  3. I think that's great! I don't expect my blog to be what it is now in many many years. People a d things change and evolve, and that's not necessarily a bad thing!!!

  4. KEEP blogging! Some of us love to read! So we don't feel so alone :)



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