Monday, February 4, 2013

Body After Baby: Half Marathon Training Week 3

Day 1 - 5 miles

The weather was FANTASTIC in the upper 50s so I did the 8 miles I  missed the day before.  It was an awesome run.  I felt amazing. I tried to run with water, and then tried GU for the first time... GU = grosses texture EVER but I think it works well. Its basically like frosting.... gag me! I took it around the 6 mile mark. The water bottle only lasted me till the 4 mile mark where I took about 2 drinks and threw it away. ... thats more than I have ever drank while running so its progress!  I felt like I could have easily ran longer. 

Day 2 - OFF

And I did... I even skipped boot camp. my hamstrings and butt were SORE from that 8 mile run I guess.... It felt nice to rest intentially.

Day 3 - 6 miles MP

This run was supposed to be at a "marathon" pace... or about 30 seconds faster than my normal pace.  .... I didnt so much achieve that, nor did I try.... but I did take the route that covers some MAJOR hills... you can tell by my times that I hit these miles right at the 3 mile mark... that 4th mile is brutal!  The Half marathon is notorious for its hills so I need to keep at this route... Overall... 5.57 miles. 

Day 4 - 5 miles

I was in the office and 5 miles on the treadmill just did not sound like something I wanted to do.... so instead I did some speed/interval runs on the treadmill before boot camp class.   I did the first 2 miles at under a 8:30 minute pace, and the 3rd mile was done at 7:30 minute pace for 1.5 minutes then 9 minute mile for 1 minute intervals.  It really kicked my butt.  I was DEAD for boot camp class and slacked a little.... which means the teacher/trainer harassed me the whole time.  

Day 5 - 6 miles

Bad Kim skipped this run again.... I was SORE from the day before and could barely walk my butt muscles were hurting so much... plus it was super chilly out....

Day 6 - 6 miles

I finally did what I was supposed too!! ... I dropped the girls at my parents house and ran on the new trail that runs from valley park to big bend/270.  Its pretty flat, and along the river... I will definitely head back there again.  But since it was my first time on the trail, it seemed like it made the run take FOREVER! I kept checking my watch wondering how far I had gone... hopefully next time its not like that! 

Day 7 - 5 miles

Woke up to surprise snow!  My running group had planned for 3 miles at a local park, but the snow made them all ditch.  I tried to go anyway since I was already up and dressed.  I got to the park (after sliding a bit on the snow) got out of my car, walked to the trail, and decided that it was just too icy and not worth getting hurt over.  So instead I stopped by Bread Co (Panera for you non St. Louis folks) and picked up breakfast for the fam.  I thought I might head out later once it warmed up and melted the ice, but as the day went on, when I finally found time, I studied instead. 

Let's review... 

Kim is no good at following the training plan.  

I am pulling the  "adjust as needed" card frequently. 

I started mouthing the words to the music as I run.  I think it really helps keep me at a good pace and keeps my breathing in check.   People that drive past me probably think I am talking to myself... 

And I think all runs on the treadmill will now be interval/speed runs. 


  1. Girl I hear you - the training plan is hard to stick with. I am just going with the flow...

  2. as a fellow ki who has issues with pulling the same card i say go kiiimm its yo birthday not really but do it anyyywayy you got this!

  3. I'm horrible at following a plan too. Obviously lol. I've never done more than 6 miles and am doing a half in a couple of months oops. You're doing much better than me though!!



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