Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekly Roundup: 5 of 52

Monday 1/28

It was ridiculously warm so we spent the evening outside. 

And dinner on the deck! 

Tuesday: 1/29

Back to the office. Much better than last week. 

The humid weather made Leah's hair gorgeous and Emily's short hair crazy.  Seems like Em might have her sisters curls. 

Wednesday 1/30:

I thought we received zuchinni with our last Co-Op haul but turns out it was cucumbers.  Leah is obsessed with them and even requested more when we were at the grocery store today. 99cents per cucumber... I cant complain... 

Thursday 1/31:
They make a great crunchy snack for me too. 
Friday 2/1

Slowed by a train... looking thru the openings towards "downtown eureka" made me feel like we live in small town USA... 

This week's CO-OP haul.  

An exciting Friday night in the loft/playroom with the girls... 

Saturday 2/2:

I found more art work decorating our walls by the 3 year old.  This time she did not tell me about it.... I think its purple paint... in her walk in closet. ... I yelled at her, but admit I kind of love it and it will hopefully stay there forever. The idea of a chalkboard wall is sounding better and better...

Sunday 2/3:
Playing around in Em's room while she refused to take a nap led to mommy playing with the hair accessories. 

Sadly this was her first time wearing a headband at almost 8 months old.  Poor 2nd child.... Mommy now knows they are not worth the effort. 

What about a big star bow?

I think Em is more of a clip girl..... 

Hung a ribbon in the playroom for Leah's art.... I got the idea from her classroom at school.  

Sadly this was all art work that she brought home on a single day from school... I have picture frames with hooks that I NEED to hang up.  My sister n law made them for me Christmas 2011 and they are still not up! I am bad... but I finally have the supplies I think to hang them up, and they will be going up here hopefully this week!  


  1. Cute idea with the art work.. I miss my coop haul, I need to find a place here in Florida

  2. Chalk board paint is your friend! I have to admit when i saw the print on IG I was like awwww :-)

  3. Looks like a lovely week! :) The weather was certainly nice... til we got the snow! Although I know you said you didn't get too much. We got about 5 inches!

    Love the artwork ;)



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