Monday, February 18, 2013

Body After Baby: Half Marathon Training Week 5

Day 1 - 6 miles

I only did 4.78. ... In my usual 9:30ish pace.

Day 2 - 4 miles @ Half marathon pace. 

I planned on doing this on the treadmill before boot camp class but the trainer emailed me telling me that a group of people were running the stairs and wanted to know if I would like to join them.  My company has a team that does the Fight for Air Race where they run up 40 flights of stairs to raise money for Lung Cancer.  I had thought about doing it.... until I went and practiced with them.  Running up stairs is no joke!!  My first time up I made it up the 10 flights in 1:48.  By the 4th floor I could no longer run and I had to quickly walk up the rest.  I was so out of breath... The second round I made it in 1:40 because I tried to pace myself a little better.... still by that 4th floor I was done.  The group does it daily... I will be back to do it some more as I know its a great workout... but OMG it is pure torture!

Day 3 - Off

I did 5.75 miles @ 9:46 pace on my hilly route... It was too nice out to not get out there.

Day 4 - 5 miles

Again it was super nice out, but I was not feeling a run... But I knew I would feel better (I had a breakfast of candy... it was Valentines Day) if I just did something so I got our there for 2.48 miles.  The first 2 miles I ran at 8:30 pace and then walked home.

Day 5 - 8 miles @ Marathon pace

I finally took a rest day...

Day 6 - 10 miles

I did my first double digit run in 22 degree weather with a windchill in the teens!

I was SO freaking cold when I got home!

I have to admit something though...

I ran 3 miles to meet my running group. I kept a 9:30 pace. I stopped and stood for probably 5 minutes before getting going again.

Then we ran 4.25 miles together... around a 10:30 pace because we were chatty. Another 5 minute break to chat...

Then I ran a little over 3 miles back home, taking the hilly route. (I stopped and walked once I hit the 10 mile mark)

The first hill I had to walk a bit....

But I finally made it home.

I feel like I cheated a little since I had a few breaks in there... does that count?

I definitely do not plan to take those breaks during the half!

This Saturday I hope to do it all again, and hopefully with no breaks!

Day 7 - 4 miles

I had the Fun Flirty & Fabulous 5 miler on the calendar...

I thought for sure I would be super slow with my 10 mile run the day before.

But I wasnt feeling too sore...

The weather was perfectly chilly & sunny...

And I somehow pulled off a 8:25 pace and a time of 42:03!

I am definitely competitive...

Running along others makes me just keep going!

The last mile was pretty much all up hill...

But I some how pulled off a 8:05 mile!

Uphill people!

I was also really hungry and knew there was food at the end.

I also earned 4th place in my age group... here's proof. And I was 24th overall out of 144 or something like that. 

My 10 mile run at a 10 minute pace made me think there was no way I could reach my goal of the half in 2 hours.... 

But that 5 miler gave me some hope... 

We will just have to see what happens! 

7 more weeks! 


  1. Always bringing good rep to the Kim name! Keep up the good work lady!

  2. That is an awesome pace! Great time! And 4th in your age group!! That's awesome, Kim!

  3. You're doing so great!! I know I'm going to regret not training oops lol. : )

  4. #4 in your age group? Dayummm Kim... you're the little Flo Jo of the group. :)

  5. You are rocking your runs!! Awesome times.



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