Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Roundup: 7 of 52

Monday: 2/11

Last week's "Pass" on my Interim Assessment meant I was able to sign up for my Final Assessment to take next week.  The price tag is stressful enough! Thank goodness work pays! ... Monday at 4:30pm I begin my 96 hour assessment, finishing Friday @ 4:30pm.  .... Yep, the freaking out is beginning... 

Tuesday 2/12:
Leah has a new love for the spare bedroom bed... Some night she starts off the night there and moves to her room, or starts in her room, and moves to the spare bed....There is alot of bed jumping going on.  Its always a surprise to find her in the morning and gives me a mini heart attack when I look into her room to get her up and she is not there... 

Wednesday 2/13

I tried the pinterest - mashed banana, oatmeal & chocolate chip cookies... they smelled awesome... looked kind of good... but BLAH!  I am not that much of a banana & chocolate fan. 

Work from home attire.... running clothes on first thing in the morning to make sure I go... 

Thursday 2/14:
I was able to attend Leah's Valentine's Party at school.... her and her friends are so cute.   They passed out valentines, but it was very unorganized.... I think Leah gave all of her valentines to the same 3 kids. 

This is Leah's bff Logan.  He lives a street over, I love his mom, and he has a baby sister that will be in the same grade as Emily. ..... also, my baby girl really is a giant! 

My other little Valentine. ....Since I picked up the girls early I headed to visit my parents & sister who was home from school for V-day with her boyfriend.   Leah got to see Aunt J's boyfriend bring her flowers and Papa bring home flowers to Grandma.  Leah kept asking where her flowers were.... 

Brian just bought me a little thing of candy & a card for the holiday.  I gave him a card as well.  We never really do anything for Valentines day... 

Friday 2/15:

Daddy brought Leah home flowers!  ... She was so excited. 

Saturday 2/16:
Me and the girls met up with my sister n law & niece Jenna for lunch. 

And then we headed to the Magic House.... (St. Louis Children's Museum) 

Leah LOVED it...She caught a "fish" here and was so proud! 

She loved playing Ice Cream man.... she is paying me to get ice cream from her. 

The girls had a great time.  Mom & Aunt Tara were a little stressed though.  The place was a zoo... the girls wanted to run every which way in different directions.  It was so hard to chase after them, with the stroller in the crowds... I kept thinking I was going to lose Leah.  

Leah is very into her dress up clothes right now.... Today it was Snow White. 

We headed to dinner for my dad's 60th birthday.  Leah kept kissing my cheek and Emily thought it was the funniest thing EVER! .... and yes, she has a giant loaf of bread in her hand. 

Sunday 2/17:

Started off the morning with my monthly organized run with Ms. Melanie & Ms. Holly.  5 mile Fun, Flirty & Fabulous run at Forest Park. 

After... on our running high. 

These 2 look way prettier after running 5 miles than I do! Sheesh. 

Emily's first Eureka Mardi Gras Dog Parade.  She did awesome. 

Leah pretty much just wanted to dance in front of the band... it was a fabulous afternoon out in the cool sun! 


  1. How cute are the kids at their v-day party!! awchh!!
    Your nike running jacket is sooo nice!
    Looks like a run 5 mile run with the ladies!

  2. You are so cute. Love your running gear. I had a great a time yesterday - it was so much fun.

  3. That magic house gives me anxiety. This one year my company rented it out for our work party. That was about the only time I didn't feel like I was going to punch a parent or kid in the face for being a total DB.

  4. Love the pics of the girls. Your work from home outfit/running attire is really cute. Hope you had a great V Day!!



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