Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekly Roundup: 6 of 52

Monday 2/4:

This combination starts any day on the right foot.

I am on an Almond Joy kick right now and it totally makes me feel like an adult.  Anyone else think of those as adult candy bars?

My 10 lbs of potatoes led to Potato Soup.  It wasn't bad... a little thicker than I would have preferred.  ... And I still have 5 lbs left... 

Tuesday 2/5:

My boss came to town to do reviews.  It was my first time meeting him. (He's in KY).  I usually just wear jeans to work, but felt the occasion deserves dress pants..and my hair down! And FYI... Boss is great. Of course different looking than what I pictured in my head.... Review went great.  Pretty much confirmation that I am darn awesome. 

Wednesday 2/6:

This girl turned 8 months old and earned herself a trip to the Doctor.  For the past week she hadnt been finishing her bottles.  (Only eating a few oz of her first bottle of the morning after not eating for 12 hours...) I had emailed the doctor earlier in the week (the GREATEST tool ever!) regarding it and she said to bring her in if she stopped sleeping and got crabby.  For 3 days she has woken up multiple times thru the night and seemed fussier so I brought her in.... verdict: She is just a terrible teether. 

Thursday 2/7:

Sported a little poka-dot & leopard to the office. 

Friday 2/8:

Daycare was closed for teacher development so I had to take the day off with the girls.  I told Leah it was a "Girls Only" day since Daddy had to go to work.  We started off the day with hitting up Krispy Kremes.  Leah was a bit upset to find boys there... obviously it was supposed to be girls only day for everyone everywhere! ... she also was amazed by the donut making. I love this picture.

We hit up a few stores and mommy finally made it into Jareds to get my rings inspected & cleaned. Another ban this year for our 5 year?  I think yes.... please Brian?

Leah was being such a good girl I knew she needed to burn off some energy so we of course had a Chik-Fil-A visit. I love that place. Sadly they are all pretty far away from our current house... 

I knew I would be receiving my IA grade sometime during the day but honestly had completely forgotten about it until I was sitting at Chik-Fil-A watching Leah play.  I checked my phone and Gmail was not even signed in!  Once I signed in, the first email to pop up was from "elearn" and I pretty much went straight into an anxiety attack.  My heart stopped, my stomach dropped, I began to freak.  I did not want to open the email there incase it was bad news.  I knew I would cry. I somehow waited till we got to the car.  Usually I check any sort of exam results with Brian on the phone with me, but since I was in the car and not on a computer it was a little hard so I had to be brave.... And my day was made when I saw those 8 words :"You have been graded as Meets Minimum Requirements."  I am now only a Final Assessment & one exam away from my first designation!  This is HUGE!  I have been working on this process since 2009 and I am so close to an end point (sort of). This year, its happening! 

A mothers dream ... Leah stayed asleep for a nice long nap, but Em woke up about 10 minutes after we got inside.... 

Since Big Sis was fast asleep, Emily actually got to play without someone constantly hugging her, moving her, rolling her over, taking her toys.... It was AMAZING to see how much this girl could actually move and play without someone harassing her!  ... and I love how she sits like this!

A few minutes later she started yanking on that cord..... hmmm how to baby proof that!?

Once Leah woke up, Emily went down.... it actually was kind of nice.  I was still on the high of passing my exam so I decided to conquer our closet. I removed all of the clothes that do not fit and moved that dresser from the bedroom into the closet, thru the bathroom, ALL BY MYSELF! We had kind of always planned to have it in there since the closet is so ridiculously large... and we need to make room for our future King size bed that we hopefully will be getting sooner rather than later! .... and that would be Leah stealing a pair of shoes to walk around the house in... 

Saturday 2/9:

Brian called while at work and asked for us to meet him at the bowling alley so that Leah could experience her first time bowling.  The girl LOVED it. And I LOVED watching her and her dad enjoy this experience together. 

And yes, it was cosmic bowling at 12:30 in the afternoon. 

Sunday 2/10:
The rainy morning was spent with Leah & I making valentines from the $5 Target kit. 

And then I made them into a banner! 

Once the rain passed and the Sun graced us with its presences the weather was perfect out! The evening was spent outside... Leah prancing along the entire time with her pom poms.  This girl is turning girlier and girlier by the day!

It was Em's first real stroller ride and she was kicking her feet the whole time!  Cannot wait for the spring weather to arrive for good for nightly walks! 

And of course we had to get the car out.... Leah even let our neighbor Brayden drive!  Brayden is an older man... in Kindergarten and Leah thinks he is the bees knees. ...  I admit I am nervous for their future... 

And Emily became a climbing, pulling up fool!! I don't know how many times we found her body surfing on her toy basket! 

It was a good good week... 


  1. CONGRATS on your exam!!

    That last picture is soooo adorable!!

  2. You are that "darn awesome"!
    Sounds like a pretty great week!!

  3. Congrats lady!!! Oh, and you look super skinny in that picture!! Awesome!

  4. You look great in that pic!!! I love the mix of patterns and she is so cute!!!



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