Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Body After Baby: Half Marathon Training Week #6

This week's training lost out to working on my final assessment.

Day 1 - 5 miles
I hit the treadmill for a little de-stressing before beginning my assessment... 

The treadmill really is boring lately so I did alot of changing up my speeds and the incline.  I would do intervals of running at 7:30 to then 9:15 in 2 minute intervals, some walking at an incline of 8, running at inclines of 3 and 5... I was all over the place.   I think I was sweating more than when I just run a steady 5 miles. 

Day 2 - Off

Success at that!

Day 3 - 4 miles at half marathon speed. 


Day 4 - 5 miles

Skipped again...

Day 5 - 5 miles

By this time I was EAGER to get a run in again!  After turning in my FA Friday afternoon I hit the treadmill.  It felt good, but my legs were sore!   It was weird since I had not done anything for 3 days.... I guess it was sore from my muscles getting lazy sitting in a chair for 96 hours and then suddenly having to move again.

I did half mile intervals at different speeds and inclines...

Day 6 - 6 miles

Skipped again.... It was just nice to not get up and run first thing on a Saturday morning or to rush the girls out of the house to somewhere so I could go run.  I thought I would run in the afternoon, but the day just got away from me... Oh well.

Day 7 - 10 miles

Done!  10:04 pace. 

I had my running friend Heather, who is an experienced marathon runner & triathlete run it with me. We ran around our town and it was HILLY! .... but we talked the whole time, and it was just a super EASY 10 miles.  I definitely feel like I could have easily kept going the 3.1 more to make it a half. 

I definitely am not scared of the half distance wise.... I just want a good time! 

This next week I am really hoping to do better at getting my runs in!  

I hate that I slacked so much this past week.


  1. What speed do you do for intervals at a half mile before you change up? I'm looking for some motivation!

  2. Hey girl - I am skipping like a banche. I am going to DRAG my bum downstairs tonight - put on my headphones - cover my time and pace and just RUN like the wind for a LONG time. I need a good long soul cleansing run. Tonight it is on!!!

  3. i'd love to do some runs with people sometimes. The only running friend I have lives on the other side of the country! Great 10 miler!



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