Saturday, August 3, 2013

July 2013 Family Pictures

Its been a while...

And it will still be a while till I get back to blogging.

I need to just survive the next 2 months.

2 months till exam C.

A trip to Seattle in there.

A trip to Austin in there for Math camp.

Any free time  = studying.

But until then...

I wanted to put these out here.

Pictures taken by my fabulous next door neighbor...

I think we will have plenty more pictures taken in our future.


  1. Fabulous pictures!! Such adorable littles!

  2. These pictures are so good!!

    I need to get family pictures done in the worst way!

  3. Thanks for sharing these!!! They're all so great!!
    Hope life is treating you well, little lady!! I know it's busy busy busy!!



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